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Thats’s a wrap | A HUGE 2022 on ClassCover 🚀

What a year! As 2022 fades into the rearview mirror and we speed towards Christmas, let’s take a minute to stop and look back on everything that has happened over the past 12 months. From the release of highly anticipated new features, successful partnerships with The Smith Family and the NSW Department of Education, to a wave of new teachers and schools joining ClassCover, there’s been a bit happening to say the least. So, here’s some highlights from 2022 from the team at ClassCover—plus, a look at some new features we have coming in 2023.

2022 at a glance 👁

Total Bookings: 313,300 completed and confirmed booked days in 2022

  • 🚀 New teacher sign-ups  21,400 
  • 🚀 New school sign-ups: 665 
  • 🤝 Making new connections  
    • Teachers connecting to new schools via Find New Schools: 72,000 instances of teachers being added
    • Teachers invited to join a school list via Find New Teachers: 62,700 instances of teachers accepting a connection
  • ClassCover Jobs 
    • 👀 Job post views: 192,616 
    • 🔍 Jobs posted: 4,725 
    • ⚡️ Applications received: 25,000 (955 of the jobs posted in 2022 collected applications externally)  

Here’s what’s been happening at ClassCover this year

🚀 ClassCover acquired Relief Ruler 

In June this year, ClassCover acquired Adelaide-based booking platform Relief Ruler. The acquisition has boosted our presence in South Australia to 3,663 teachers and 265 schools, with an extra 40 schools set to be onboarded in the new year. Our team has been working hard to incorporate some much-loved Relief Ruler features into ClassCover and educate new schools and teachers about everything they can do on ClassCover.  

🤝 7 more years with the NSW Department of Education  

In some big news out of New South Wales, the state’s Department of Education continued their contract with ClassCover for a further 7 years. This means the department’s 2,000+ schools will retain access to ClassCover and our pool of 25,000 casual teachers across the state. Since first being contracted as the preferred casual booking platform for NSW public schools in 2018, we’ve introduced a number of features with NSW schools in mind. Here’s to the next 7 years!  

🎓 The Smith Family’s Catch-Up Learning Program expands to 400 students 

Since 2020, ClassCover has been working with The Smith Family to boost learning outcomes for students in need. Our community of passionate educators have stepped in to provide online tutoring for students right around Australia to help address the gap in educational achievement between students experiencing disadvantage and their more advantaged peers. The latest round saw the program expanded to 400 students, resulting in big improvements across both literacy and numeracy. Learn more about the results of the 2022 Catch-Up Learning Program.  

🤝 The Catholic School Office Diocese of Maitland – Newcastle join the ClassCover community 

Earlier this year the Catholic School Office Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle joined ClassCover, bringing with them their network of 58 schools, covering an area that includes Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter and Manning regions. The CSO Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle joins a number of other Dioceses giving their schools and casual teachers access to the ClassCover platform, including Brisbane Catholic Education, Diocese of Bathurst, Diocese of Cairns and Diocese of Townsville. 

🌴 The ClassCover team headed to Bali 

In early December the ClassCover team packed up our laptops and swimmers and headed to Bali for a week of planning and fun. For a completely remote team, the week was not only a great opportunity to let our hair down while brainstorming the future of our app, it was also the first time many of the team met face to face! After 7 days soaking up some sun and the famous Balinese culture, we all left feeling relaxed and excited about the future of ClassCover. 


Here are some of the new features we launched this year

🚀  External bookings in the teacher calendar

We know teachers occasionally get booked for work in-person, over the phone, or in other ways outside of ClassCover. To help boost visibility and make it easier for schools to know when a teacher is available to work, we’ve given teachers the ability to add externally booked days to their calendar. Teachers can now rely on ClassCover as their one source of truth, while schools can be confident they are seeing a teacher’s true availability. 

🚀 New role types, including SLSO / TA’s

Does your school use ClassCover to find, manage and book classroom support staff? We know more and more schools rely on the app to manage non-teachers, so we’ve added a number of new role types to make it easier to manage these staff. 

🚀 Profiles for Student Teachers

This year we introduced brand new profiles for university students studying education on ClassCover. As well as giving students a place to connect with schools and kick off their PD, student teachers can now mark themselves as available for work and be booked by schools for classroom support work as an SLSO, SSO, or TA.  

🚀 Teachers can turn bookings on or off

We’re always looking for ways to make life easier for both teachers and schools, so, with that in mind, earlier this year we gave teachers the ability to easily switch bookings on or off. When doing so, teachers have the option to retain access to ClassCover Jobs to apply for full-time, part-time, and contract roles, as well as online teacher PD via ClassCover Learn.  

🚀 Teachers can choose to turn off Pre-Confirmed Bookings

Pre-Confirmed Bookings are one of our most popular features, with thousands of bookings made each week, saving time for both teachers and schools. Despite this, we know a small number of schools occasionally use this feature in a way other than what’s intended. To help combat this, teachers now have the ability to turn off Pre-Confirmed Bookings for certain schools.  

🚀 Schools can send a “nudge” to inactive teachers

We know inactive and unresponsive teachers can be a major headache for schools. In order to minimise unfilled bookings and help schools clean up their teacher lists, this year we introduced the nudge. Similar to Facebook’s “poke”, the nudge gives schools a way to prompt teachers to take action before removing them from their list.  

🚀 Shareable Teacher Portfolios now show real-time availability

Shareable Teacher Portfolios have been a popular feature since we launched them in 2021. To help schools and teachers get more value from these profiles, we have updated them to include a two-week snapshot of real-time availability pulled directly from a teacher’s profile.  

👀 Here’s a look at what we have coming in 2023

Smart Groups

Get ready to find and book teachers faster than ever. With Smart Groups, schools can sort their casuals into groups based on grade, subject, or the classroom teacher who needs covering. When it comes time to make a booking, just select the Smart Group you want and your booking request will be sent to the relevant teachers, ensuring you get the right teacher for the job in just a few clicks.  

Emergency list

We know that sometimes schools need a teacher, any teacher, now. The upcoming Emergency List feature is being introduced to help schools book a teacher fast.  

In-App Messaging

Communication between schools and teachers is about to get easier with the new two-way message inbox. With this, schools and teachers will be able to chat seamlessly within the ClassCover app.  

New look ClassCover app

New year, new us! Get ready for a brand spanking new experience when using ClassCover on mobile and your computer. Our new look will make it easier to perform the tasks you want and find what you need, faster.  

In-app cancellations

Something we hear regularly is that relief teachers want an easy way to cancel a booking they have previously accepted. Whether they are sick or an emergency has popped up, calling a school to cancel isn’t always possible. With this new feature, schools will have the ability to opt-in for in-app cancellations. We are also working on new tools to automatically refill a cancelled booking — more on this soon.  

Flexi Bookings

Soon, schools will be able to create a booking even without all the normal details. While we know this is sometimes a reality for schools, teachers have told us they are hesitant to accept a booking without knowing details like the year level or class that needs covering. Flexi Bookings aims to bridge this gap and keep everyone happy.  

A custom coordinator role

We are excited to be introducing a dedicated role within ClassCover for coordinators and school administrators managing relief teacher booking across multiple campuses. Watch this space!

From all the team at ClassCover we would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season and a great summer break!🌴😎 

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