ClassCover for school networks

The complete enterprise relief teacher solution for your head office, your schools and your relief teacher community

"ClassCover reduces the administrative burden for schools and head office and is a quick and easy way for schools to book relief teachers. It provides better access to relief work for relief teachers and allows head office to oversee our casual work force."
Peter Hill – Director Employee Services
Brisbane Catholic Education

Why choose ClassCover Enterprise?

Teacher approval and compliance

Head office can control all teacher approvals, including addition and removal of teachers.​​

School account control

Head office has the ability to login as the school and perform actions such as place a booking on the schools behalf.

Teacher validation integration

Seamlessly integrate with ClassCover for teacher validation and compliance such as approval to teach

Centralised payroll

Access and download centralised payroll reports from your schools.

Workforce data and insights

Get access to insights and reporting on your relief teacher workforce.

No booking fees or hidden charges

ClassCover is not an agency and takes no commissions or fees from teachers or schools and costs nothing for schools to transition a teacher to full time. ​

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