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Q&A with Kelly Quilter

Q&A with Kelly Quilter

We sat down with Kelly Quilter, founder of Teacher for a Day, to hear how she approaches her own PD and learn more about her new course launching soon on ClassCover Learn.  

Tell us about your course, How to Become a Successful Teacher for a Day. What led you to create it?  

I created my course to help fellow casual teachers feel more confident when they step into the classroom. It can be a daunting and unique job stepping into a new school and new classroom each day with so many unknowns. Many teachers feel a lot of anxiety and nerves around casual teaching so I wanted to share my experience and knowledge after doing this role for over a decade and give them the tools they need to set them up for success.

What do you hope teachers will walk away from your course learning? 

I hope teachers will walk away with lots of ideas, strategies and engaging activities to help them build connections with students quickly and get the call back time and again. Ultimately, I want teachers to love casual teaching as much as I do. 

How do you approach your own PD as a teacher? 

When it comes to seeking out my own PD hours, I love to find topics that are of interest to me or are in an area that I know my knowledge is lacking and I would like to learn more. I always find behaviour and neurodiversity interesting and helpful topics. 


Tell us about Teacher for a Day.  


Teacher for a Day was created after realising there were lots of other teachers like me who were nervous about casual teaching. So, I decided to create the resource I wished I had when I first started out. I made sure the activities needed no photocopying, tech or resources (because you can never guarantee you will get access), and that it would cover all age groups and most subjects. Not only does it include engaging activities the kids love, but it also has important tips and strategies to help you in this role.

It turns out thousands of teachers also needed a resource like this in their life to help them feel prepared for anything that might get thrown at them and I’ve felt so humbled and grateful to have made a positive difference in so many teachers around the world. 


Kelly’s first course, How to Become a Successful Teacher for a Day is now live on ClassCover Learn. Click here to sign up.

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