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Join thousands of schools saving time with ClassCover

Book casual relief teachers and other casual staff in just a few clicks, view availability at a glance and connect with new casual staff in your local area.

Hiring? Post jobs for thousands of local teachers to see.

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Average time it takes to place and confirm a booking

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Used in all school levels and all school types 

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Book Casual Relief Teachers, Education Support & Admin Staff

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Plus thousands of schools across Australia and New Zealand

Take the headache out of booking staff


Know who can work and when

View the availability of your staff, removing the unknown. 

Have full control

Have full control of your casual staff list with the ability to send bookings in a variety of ways. 

Programs of work

Stay organised

Access a centralised calendar, access booking insights and download payroll reports.


Grow your list

Search for additional casual staff  in our local directory. Find teachers, school support and admin staff.

Save your school time and money

ClassCover is an agency free and automated approach, saving schools not only hours of wasted phone calls and individual texting, but also thousands in agency fees.

How does it work?


Check Availability

Know exactly when each of your teachers can work and save time by eliminating wasted phone calls.

Request Teachers

Short-list your preferred teachers and even choose the prioritised order in which they will be automatically alerted.

Receive Confirmation

Get notified immediately when booking is confirmed. Absence is automatically recorded in payroll report.

ClassCover Jobs connects our already thriving community of educators to more work opportunities while assisting schools in finding the right candidates.

Schools get this service included in an annual subscription.

Our Schools Say It Best
"We first started using ClassCover in 2016 to reduce the workload involved in finding and booking suitable relief teachers. 6 years later we’ve experienced many benefits, including time-savings for teachers and leadership when booking relief teachers, as well as the ability to plan for long service leave and other known absences. ClassCover empowers our teachers to book their own replacement while also leaving a digital record of all bookings that we can crosscheck to help with budgeting and filing leave paperwork."
Edwardstown Primary School - SA
Vicky Bashford, Principal
"ClassCover has been invaluable for us teachers and ultimately our students' learning. Over the past two years there have been an unusually high number of teacher absences (often last minute) that we have successfully been able to fill as a result of your service. I cannot imagine individual teachers or school representatives having to organise such a number of replacements any other way. Thanks heaps!"
Forestville Public School, NSW
James Ellis - Classroom Teacher
"Makes the morning ring-around, a thing of the past. This platform allows you to set and forget with its multiple ways to book relief staff. The customisable features, allow for personalised approaches to booking relief staff."
King’s Christian College, QLD
Nathan - School Admin Manager
"I love ClassCover. It takes all the stress out of staff absence. I just log on, from computer or phone, and have a message out to my key replacement staff within minutes. Very quick. Very easy."
Lisieux Catholic Primary School, VIC
Susan Ryan - Principal
"We have been using ClassCover since 2018 and it has streamlined the way that we hire casual relief teaching staff. The program is fast and is user friendly for both employers and employees. Getting a quick response from available teachers saves time when filling positions and being able to select from local teachers known to the school has benefitted the students as these teachers are known by our students and they know how our school operates."
Montmorency Primary School, VIC
School Principal
"ClassCover is a quick and efficient app to see which relief staff in your list are available or not – no guessing required! Use tags to identify relief staff of particular subjects and notes for information on a particular individual. Request relief staff either individually or as a group, it’s quick and easy and lets you carry on while it does the booking for you."
Duncraig Senior High School, WA
School Principal
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Book smarter. Save yourself hours of wasted phone calls

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ClassCover has a partnership with the NSW Department of Education which gives your school subsidised access. 
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