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Shareable Teacher Portfolios Now Show Availability

Your Shareable Teacher Portfolio Now Includes Availability

Your Shareable Teacher Portfolio just got even better. Now, all portfolios include a two-week snapshot of real-time availability for schools to view.  

Shareable Teacher Portfolios have been a popular feature among teachers and schools alike since they launched in 2021. In fact, over 15,000 teachers around the country have activated their portfolio to start sharing with new schools.  

By giving teachers an easy way to share their background and work experience with schools—whether they are on ClassCover or not—this tool helps save time and increases your chances of getting booked.  

Before we dive into the latest update, let’s recap what Shareable Teacher Portfolios are all about.  

What is the Shareable Teacher Portfolio? 

You can think of the Shareable Teacher Portfolio like your online CV. From your My Profile page, copy the unique link to your portfolio and share it on social media, add it to hard copies of your CV, or send it in emails. Bonus tip: add your portfolio link to your email signature so it’s visible every time you communicate with a school.  

What are the benefits for teachers? 

Unlike your ClassCover profile which can only be viewed in full by schools that are logged in, your portfolio, including information like work history, teaching levels, subjects, special skills, and more, can be viewed by any school you share it with, whether they use ClassCover or not. When a school that does use ClassCover views your portfolio, they can easily add you to their list to book you for work. Even schools that don’t use the platform can view your full portfolio and reach out to you for bookings.  

What’s new? 

We have added a two-week snapshot of your real-time availability to the top of your Sharable Teacher Portfolio. Because schools that aren’t logged in or don’t use ClassCover aren’t able to view your availability from your profile, this is an exciting step that we expect will lead to more bookings at new schools.  

Here’s what your new portfolio looks like: 

Shareable Teacher Portfolio with Availability Snippet

Do I have to do anything? 

The good news is this feature is already live and ready to go on your portfolio. Because this update shares your availability to a wider audience, it’s more important than ever before to make sure you are consistently updating your availability for at least two weeks in advance.  

Whether you are available and ready to work, booked elsewhere, or taking some time off, now is the time to check that your profile reflects that so schools are kept in the loop.  

As always, if you need any help with your Shareable Teacher Portfolio or anything else in ClassCover, you can chat to us from the settings menu of your app, or send us an email. 

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