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Your Highlight Reel is Here

Your 2021 highlight real is now live!  

While it’s true that the last twelve months have been anything but ordinary for educators right around the country, it’s hasn’t been all doom and gloom. Despite ongoing unease throughout the education space, we added 20,000 teachers and over 350 schools to our platform during 2021. And even with rolling lockdowns across much of New South Wales and Victoria, 372,900 booking requests were made on ClassCover 

With all this data at our fingertips, we thought we would share what we know and give you an insight into your year as an educator. Here’s a sneak peek of some the things you can see in your customised 2021 highlight reel: 

For teachers 

  • Total bookings Feel like you worked your butt off last year? Get ready to prove it with your total number of booked days.  
  • Number of lists you appear on — If you’re looking to get booked more, one of the best ways is to approach more schools. Stay tuned to find out the total number of schools that have you on their teacher list.  
  • Bookings per month — Want to manage your work/life balance or just bump up your bookings overall? This metric is a good one to keep your eye on.  
  • Most booked school — Drum roll please… You may think you know, but in your 2021 highlights we’ll tell you which school booked you the most last year. 

📣  If you’re looking to get booked more in 2022, hear what our school users had to say when we asked them what they are looking for in a casual teacher 

For school users 

  • Total bookings — Whether you are planning full-time staff numbers for the future or considering adding to your list of casuals, trust us when we say this is a figure that you’re going to want to keep an eye on.  
  • Most booked teacher — Does your school have a favourite relief teacher that you can count on to come to the rescue when you need them most? Get ready to give some kudos when we share your most booked teacher of last year.  
  • Total jobs posted — Hey, this could be a fun game. Ask around the office for the total number of job requests your school posted in 2021. We’ll update you soon with the result.  
  • Number of teachers requesting to join your list — Last but certainly not least, the number of teachers requesting to join your list gives you a great insight into the way your school is viewed among casuals on ClassCover.  
2021 Highlight Reel for Schools

So, there you have it, folks. No matter what your goals are for the year, it’s worth taking a moment to stop and reflect on the year gone by. Your 2021 Highlights are now live! Head to your ClassCover dashboard to see more.  

Note: Only schools and teachers that have been active on ClassCover in the past year will have access to their highlight reel.  

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