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Bookings On and Off Switch

You Can Now Turn Bookings On and Off in ClassCover. What does that mean for you?

Plus, we’ve introduced Job Seeker and Professional Development-only profiles. 

Here at ClassCover, we’ve been quietly working away behind the scenes on some great little features that will bring BIG BENEFITS to your work life. You may have noticed the new job roles we’ve introduced, or the ability to add external bookings to your calendar, and save listings on ClassCover Jobs 

You may have seen that we’ve also introduced the ability to turn bookings on or off in just a few taps. Maybe you’ve been booked for an extended contract, or finally decided to take that trip. Whatever the reason, you can now turn bookings off, hiding your profile from schools looking for casual staff, while still retaining access to some of ClassCover’s great features, like ClassCover Jobs and our PD platform 

Job Seeker Profiles 

This profile is designed for those looking for ongoing work. When you select this profile type, your profile will be hidden from schools looking for casual staff, including schools whose list you are already on. You will retain access to ClassCover Jobs and can search, save, and apply for jobs as normal.  

PD-Only Profiles 

The PD-only profile removes you from school searches, while allowing you to access our Professional Development library chock full of on-demand PD courses. If you are not already a member, you can sign up to the PD platform here.   

 If you want to change your booking status, you can do it from the app or the web. Here’s how easy it is:  

Here's How To Turn Bookings On or Off in ClassCover

Click here for step-by-step instructions to turn bookings on or off 

Why you should keep your profile up to date 

We know life gets a little crazy sometimes and when it does, things can slip your mind. That being said, it’s never been more important to keep your ClassCover profile up to date. As schools across much of the country deal with ongoing teacher shortages, they rely on ClassCover to find and book casual staff.

Keeping your profile accurate and up to date helps give schools an accurate picture of who is available to work in their area and allows them to manage their workforce accordingly. Even if it may not impact you directly, just think of the karmic benefits and keep your profile up to date. Temporarily unavailable? Turn off bookings. Going away for an extended period? You can even deactivate your account from the app or the web. Take a few seconds now to make sure your profile is up to date and we guarantee the universe (not to mention the schools in your area) will thank you for it.  

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