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Teacher Resource websites for free or low cost

It is amazing just how much money teachers can spend on building up their resource kits. To help you curb your spending, this blog is here to help you to save a load of money and help you to build up your teaching tool kit with quality resources along the way.  

Many teachers will buy a subscription site for all their resources, the advantage for teachers is that they are all competing for your money and so have a lot of FREE resources on their websites for the taking.  Here are plenty for you to look at that are all Australian curriculum aligned content. I hope you have fun exploring them. 


Free primary/elementary school teaching resources. Free Teach Starter teaching resources include educational posters, worksheets, classroom games, and activities. Sign up and start downloading today! The link provided will give you access to over 700 downloadable resources. 

If you would like to receive 20% discount you can use my code NIKKI TESTER at the checkout.   

Membership $139 a year or $11.50 a month 


Teach This is a team of Aussie teachers, designers, illustrators and writers. Since 2007, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of school teachers and their students by providing engaging resources and games that save time and deliver results.  

This website has a variety of different downloads for you to add to your bag of tricks, from awards to worksheets and units of work.   

Membership $12.50 a month 


Search the term ‘FREE’ on this page, and you will find 3 pages of amazing resources for you to use. A section devoted entirely to Australian Resources is available on the site and by signing up to their newsletter, you will also be offered deals where you can download free paid resources from time to time. 

Membership $15 a month

Goteachthis has 20 free games that you can access by subscription, however this is one of the cheaper membership sites at $29 for a full download of all the resources on the site 

Membership $29 

Teacher Brain

Free resources are available on the website, but again membership is a bargain at $25 a year which will give you access to over 500 resources for Australian Teachers. 

Membership $25 


TeachEzy’s online teaching resource goal is to free up your valuable time, ease your workload and provide useful resources for the classroom.  
Their motto is “We want to reduce the after-hours so you can spend more time with family and friends, which in turn will make you a better teacher. We all want a happy teacher for our children.”

Membership $40 a year 

The Alphabet Tree

  • Full of downloadable resources that educators need, in order to be best equipped to inspire our 21st Century learners.  
  • Designed by Australian Teachers-For Australian Teachers  – A teacher resource marketplace
  • Linked to ACARA outcomes  
  • Has the backing of a large support team for both sellers and vendors alike . 
  • Growing every day to meet the evolving needs of the Pre –K to year 12 classrooms. 

Created by Australian Teachers, each store has freebies on offer. 

Oceanview Resources

Some helpful free resources to add to your Casual Relief Teaching Survival Kit. Perfect for day to day use in primary schools and for supply, temporary and substitute teachers.

Blake Education

As a Blake Education VIP Member, you will gain exclusive access to an amazing selection of free-to-download Primary and Secondary teaching resources. Our free teaching materials covers a diverse range of subjects including Literacy, Mathematics, English, Business Studies and many more! With new resources including our popular Blake’s Bundles updated and uploaded each term, your students will love learning with our comprehensive range of FREE resources. Simply join their subscription list to access them.

For Teachers For Students

The education resource material published on this website is provided for use by Australian primary and middle-years teachers and their students, and home school educators. Registration is NOT required to download the resources.


A national repository that provides Australian schools with more than 20,000 digital resources aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Scootle is free for Australian educators, registration allows you to access 20000 digital and learning resources.

Snapshot 21st Century Learning

This Weebly is curated by Shelly Tancred, she has been building on this amazing set of links and resources for many years. It is a goldmine of information for all Australian Primary teachers across all subjects.

On Butterfly Wings Weebly

Stephanie Westwood is an amazing educator who maintains a huge membership of Facebook groups and this wonderful Weebly. “I am here to help make life a little easier as you program for the new syllabus. Programming should be made easy and be as light as a Butterfly’s Wings. Hence the name.” 

Jenny’s Marvellous Maths Links

Jenny’s Marvellous Maths Links provides links to interactive activities for Interactive White Boards and computers for the NSW Maths Syllabus, according to its Strands and Outcomes. Australian Outcomes are noted within the content.  

From the website 

“I have selected links for non-subscription sites with resources that are visually appealing, maximize engagement and are instantly usable.  However, some links are to activities on subscription sites, but the activity is still free (they have been included because of the quality of the activity). ** Some sites may open with a subscription pop up, but the activity is able to be played after closing the pop-up box.”  

ABC Education

ABC Education brings you free educational resources for Primary and Secondary students – thousands of videos, games and programs.

TES Australia

Looking for fantastic curriculum-aligned resources that have been created by teachers and tested in classrooms? Then you’re in the right place! These great lesson plans, worksheets, activities, presentations and more will help you to create great lessons that will inspire your students and save you some time and hard work.

Relief Teaching Ideas

A wonderful selection of materials, resources, links and activities curated by Denise who has been hosting this wonderful website for many years. You will find a treasure trove of ideas on this page. From the website” This blog is a way to organise & keep a record of different ideas to help teachers, particularly relief teachers. Most of the ideas require little preparation or materials so ideal for when you get called into a class last minute! Especially if the class teacher was unable to leave set work for the day.“ You can also find it on Facebook.

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