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New for Schools: Reopen and Clone a Booking

There’s a new way for busy schools to save time when making bookings. Now, schools can reopen unfilled bookings and clone a previous booking in one easy step. 

We’ve just released a time-saving new feature for schools. Whether you need to reopen a booking request that’s gone unfilled or want to quickly duplicate a booking you have made in the past, you can now do it in just a few clicks. Here’s how it works.  

Reopen an unfilled booking 

We’re always looking for ways we can speed up and improve the booking process for schools and the teachers they work with. Now, schools have the option to reopen bookings that aren’t claimed by a teacher before the booking request expires.  

Next time you make a booking request that goes unfilled, you will see the option to “Reopen Booking” on the Request History page.  

Clicking this option will take you back to the booking request set up page where you can add more teachers to the original request, rather than having to create a new booking request from the beginning.  

Quick hack: In a rush? Try the Emergency List feature and send to all available or those that match a criteria and have this booking go out to more teachers in a click.

Clone a previous booking  

Do you find yourself making the same booking requests regularly? Allow us to save you some time. Rather than starting a new booking request every time from scratch, schools can now clone previously made bookings and send them out in just a few clicks. Just head to your Request History page and click “Clone Booking” next to any booking that has passed or successfully closed.  

All the details from the original booking will be populated, including the class being covered and the list of teachers the request is sent to, but you will have the opportunity to edit any details and add or remove teachers before the cloned booking request is sent out.

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