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Navigating the NSW Accreditation

Navigating the accreditation process in NSW

For new and returning teachers, the accreditation process can be daunting – and it can be hard to know where to look to get started!

If you about to start teaching in NSW for the first time, or you are returning to work as a teacher in NSW, then you will need to be accredited with NESA to work in a school or centre-based early childhood service. 

To apply for accreditation, NESA will need to assess your qualifications. Depending on what studies you have done, you will be given either provisional or conditional accreditation. Once you have been provisionally or conditionally accredited you can apply for employment as a teacher.  

Breaking it down into a simple guide…

What the above video for an invaluable guide to the Accreditation process and read the below steps to guide you through the process for each stage of your teaching career.

Provisional/Conditional Accreditation Journey

This visual tool (which is an official guideline from NESA) is designed to help guide you down either the Conditional or Provisional accreditation pathway. 

Conditional accreditation is granted if you have successfully completed an undergraduate degree and enrolled in a postgraduate teaching degree or have completed at least three years of a four-year undergraduate teaching degree. Conditional accreditation allows you to start working as a teacher in some settings while you complete your qualifications.  

Provisional accreditation is granted if you have successfully completed an approved teaching degree. Provisional accreditation allows you to work as a teacher in any NSW school or approved Centre-based early childhood service.

How to apply?

1. You can create an eTAMS account now and apply for Provisional/Conditional Accreditation via eTAMS. 

2. You will be prompted to provide key personal information, including your contact details and your current NSW Working with Children Check (WWCC) clearance. The WWCC is issued by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian and is a condition of accreditation for all NSW teachers. You can apply for a WWCC here.

3. You will then need to apply for a Statement of Accreditation and you will need to upload the following: 

A certified copy* of your academic qualifications, and 

  • Certified copies of identification to the value of 100 points (e.g., passport and birth certificate) as well as any change of name documents that may be applicable (e.g., marriage certificate). 
  • If you have completed part of your qualifications in a country where English is not the main language, you will also need to provide us with the results of your English language proficiency assessment.

* A certified copy is a photocopy of the original document that has been certified as a true copy of the original by a Justice of the Peace. 

How long will it take? 

Once you have set up your online account, uploaded all the necessary documentation, and clicked to submit your application, you should allow 20 working days for your application to be processed.

Confirmation and payment 

Once they have assessed your application, NESA will confirm your accreditation. You will receive email advice and will be able to log in to your account to download your Statement of Accreditation. 

Your Statement of Accreditation confirms the level of accreditation you have been granted, as well as information about the subjects for which you meet the requirements for appointment to a permanent position in NSW public schools. 

You will also receive information about what accreditation means and your responsibilities as an accredited teacher. 

An invoice for your annual accreditation fee will be sent to the address you have provided in the weeks following your initial accreditation. 

Moving from Conditional to Provisional Accreditation 

You may move from conditional to provisional accreditation if you can provide certified evidence that you have successfully completed your qualification to become a teacher within 12 months of the date of your conditional accreditation. 

This function is not available in eTAMS. You will need to email a certified copy of your final transcript within 12 months of your conditional accreditation decision. You cannot change from conditional to provisional after 12 months.

Already registered in another state or territory? 

If you hold full and current registration with another Australian teacher registration body or in New Zealand, your registration may be recognised by NESA. The online application process includes an opportunity for you to provide evidence of your registration when they are making your assessment. You will still need to complete the online application process and provide all supporting documentation. 

Documentation is key

This video by Bec West, (Talkin’ Chalk) has some fantastic tips for all teachers working in the NSW state system, She goes into depth to talk about PDP which are an essential component of your teaching reflection each year. 

This link will take you to the Performance Development Framework Document from the Department of education

Other useful links for Accreditation 

NSW Department of Education – Teacher Accreditation

Education Standards Authority

NSW Government – Procedure

UNSW Sydney – Careers and Employment – Step By Step Guide – Careers Resources for Education  

Getting your PD (or PL depending on where you are) hours up

The learning never stops! During each maintenance period teachers need to complete at least 100 hours of PD.

For Proficient Teachers the 100 hours must include:

  • at least 50 hours of NESA Registered PD.

For Proficient Teachers accredited under transition arrangements outlined in the Accreditation of Early Childhood Teachers Policy, the 100 hours must include:

  • at least 20 hours of NESA Registered PD.

For Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers the 100 hours must include:

  • at least 20 hours of NESA Registered PD; and
  • at least 20 hours of Professional Commitment activities.

For all teachers, the balance of hours required to meet the minimum 100 hours can be any combination of NESA Registered PD, Teacher Identified PD (TIPD) and Professional Commitment activities.

Types of PD

How to get over 80 hours of NESA accredited PD for under $100?

The good news is there are a heap of free PD options out there to assist. There’s also the Relief Teacher Association that has over 80 hours of NESA registered PD for you to do at your own pace online. All PD on the Relief Teacher Association is targeted to relief teachers too! Learn more about the Relief Teacher Association here.

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