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New Teacher PD Courses on ClassCover Learn

Just Added: New Teacher PD on ClassCover Learn

Check out fresh new courses from some of our most popular presenters. Plus—5 hours of brand-new NESA-accredited PD.

Did you catch our announcement earlier this month about the launch of the brand new ClassCover Learn? As well as a re-imagined platform that makes our teacher PD more immersive and social, we’ve just dropped a stack of new courses, including 5 hours of new NESA-accredited PD. Below, we’ve hand-picked some of our favourites to help you kick off your PD journey in 2023.  

Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder as a Relief Teacher — with Tammy McMillan 

This NESA-accredited course, taught by Tammy McMillan, Special Education Teacher and Founder of Share Shape and Shine, is designed to help relief teachers support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Join Tammy as she explains differentiation in the classroom, including student-centered differentiation and data-informed differentiation. You will walk away with a range of actionable strategies for managing differentiation in the classroom to help you better support students with ASD. 

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Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking in the Classroom — with Alice Vigors 

This NESA-accredited course, led by Alice Vigors, founder of Thinking Pathways and author of the Thinking Classroom, explores the difference between critical and creative thinking and their impact on classroom practices. In this course you will reflect on the implications of critical and creative thinking for teaching and assessment and learn how to identify and assess student thinking through the three phases of learning and the SOLO model. 

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Future Focused Learning — with Bec West 

This popular presentation first appeared at ClassCover’s online conference for relief teachers, RTCON, and has been re-released on ClassCover Learn as part of RTCON TV. You might know Bec West from her YouTube channels, Talkin’ Chalk and Clever Pickles, or as a finalist for the 2021 Global Teacher Prize. In this presentation, Bec draws on her 20+ years as an educator to help teachers gain an understanding of future-focused learning. Whether you are about to begin a long-term assignment in a school that practices future-focused pedagogy or are covering for a day, this presentation will give you the insights you need to step into the classroom with confidence.  

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RTCON is back in 2023 🥳

ClassCover's online relief teacher conference is back! Be the first to know about RTCON23.

Gradual Release of Responsibility in the Writing Classroom — with Cleverbean  

Join Lucy Chambers and Annie Fisher from Cleverbean in this NESA-accredited course that breaks down the use of the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GROR) framework in teaching writing. Participants are given a template to aid in understanding and delivering effective and engaging instruction, which supports independent learning. The course explores the different instructional phases and shows how to integrate GROR into classroom practices, providing useful tips and tricks to get started right away. Divided into three modules, the course covers the theoretical foundation of the learning phases, practical examples, and strategies to make immediate changes to classroom practices. After completing this course, participants will have gained an understanding of the GROR framework and the best ways to apply it to create an independent learning environment that fosters confident and creative writing. 

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Rapid Rapport Building — with Amy Green 

Another popular presentation from the RTCON vault, this course by school culture expert and author of the book, Teacher Wellbeing, Amy Green is a goldmine for teachers looking to build rapport in new classrooms. Because relief teachers, in particular, often don’t have the luxury of time to establish relationships with every class they teach, this course provides proven strategies to build rapport on the fly.  

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