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Introducing the New ClassCover Learn

With an upgraded LMS and a range of new courses on the way—including more NESA-accredited PD—ClassCover Learn just got better than ever.  

Since launching in 2015, ClassCover Learn (formerly known as the Relief Teacher Association) has made quality professional development accessible to educators across Australia and New Zealand. While teachers of all kinds can benefit from this kind of on-demand, online learning, it’s relief teachers—often overlooked by traditional forms of PD—that have taken to the platform in droves to continue their professional learning.  

Keen to explore the new ClassCover Learn? Check it out here. 

Before we dive into what’s new and noteworthy at the relaunched ClassCover Learn, here are a few stats of where the platform is at now:  

  • Over 95 hours of on-demand PD on offer  
  • 20 hours of NESA-accredited PD for educators in NSW, with more courses on the way 
  • Over 15 hours of newly-added courses from some of our most popular presenters  
  • 329,500 individual course enrolments to date 

A brand-new Learning Management System 

One of the most exciting changes to the new ClassCover Learn is our new LMS. This upgraded platform is guaranteed to improve your learning experience with a clean, simple layout that makes it easy to navigate through courses. The platform has been built with PD courses in mind, with added functionality for new activities and learning styles to boost the course experience.  

Here’s a sneak preview:  

🤫 Coming soon: Expanded Social Networking 

We know the learning experience is better when shared with peers, so we’ve incorporated more opportunities to connect with other learners into the new ClassCover Learn. Each course includes a discussion section where you can share your thoughts and learn from the experiences of other teachers as you go. Soon, we will be launching a social hub within ClassCover Learn to make it easier than ever to connect with your peers. Stay tuned for more!  

More NESA-Accredited Courses 

We’ve been working hard with NESA to get more of our PD courses accredited, and currently have 10 courses and a total of 20 hours of PD accredited for educators in NSW. We’ve also partnered with presenters to develop more NESA-accredited PD courses to be released this year—watch this space.  

Introducing RTCON TV: Extra Content from Popular Presenters 

We’re always looking for ways to add value for our members and one of the ways we are doing this is by introducing RTCON TV free for all ClassCover Learn members. Next time you log in, you will see over 15 hours of courses from some of our most popular presenters. Here are some of the courses:  

Future Focused Learning with Bec West 

This workshop aims to help you feel more confident when stepping into a future focused learning space. From flexible furniture to the latest technology, we’ll go into detail about how this can look on a daily basis or how you can plan ahead when booked on long-term engagements. 

See Course  

Visible Learning and Student Feedback with Aaron Johnston 

Join Aaron Johnston for this excellent session as he explores three key topics when it comes to looking at visible learning and student feedback in your classrooms. Topics include; learning dispositions, learning intentions and success criteria and student feedback. 

See Course  

Teacher Wellbeing: 5 Ways to Recharge and Renew your Energy with Daniela Falecki 

Join Daniela as she discusses the global stressors for teachers and their impact on health and wellbeing. She will unpack the 5 dimensions of wellbeing and their relevance for school staff. She will also explore the myth of work-life balance and show you ways to manage our inner critic. 

See Course  

Psstt! RTCON is Back in 2023 

We are beyond excited to announce that RTCON is back in 2023! After taking a break during COVID, our annual PD conference is back with our biggest ever lineup of presentations from some of the best and brightest educators in the country. Want to be the first to hear when we release the dates for #RTCON23? Sign up to get notified below 👇

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