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Your Calendar Just Got Even Better: Introducing External Bookings

You might want to sit down for this one. We’ve been busy working away in the background to bring one of your most requested features to life. Drumroll please 🥁 

Introducing… External Bookings! 

We know a lot of teachers and other ClassCover users occasionally take bookings over the phone, in-person and through means other than the ClassCover app. Up until now, that has meant juggling multiple calendars to keep track of everything. No more! This handy little feature allows you to add details of any external bookings directly into your ClassCover calendar to make sure that you, as well as any schools looking to book you have the most up to date view of your availability. That’s right, your ClassCover calendar is now your ultimate source of truth.  

Scroll down to learn more.

What are external bookings? 

So, what do we mean when we say external bookings? These are any days that you have booked at a school through any means other than ClassCover. Maybe you have existing relationships with a school that doesn’t yet use ClassCover—this feature ensures you can keep your calendar up to date with the most accurate information.  

How does it work? 

From your calendar, you can select a day—or series of days—as normal and click on the option to update your availability. In the ‘availability’ dropdown, you will now see a new option to mark yourself as ‘booked externally’ for the time period you have selected. From here, you have the option to add further details like the school name and contact details to help you keep on top of your schedule. It’s as easy as that!  

What do schools see? 

Now, when a school views your calendar, they will see the days you have marked as booked externally broken out in purple. None of the extra information you enter, like school name or contact details is visible to other schools—that’s just for you. Any questions? Remember, you can always chat to us using the chat window in the bottom corner of your app or email us. 

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