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In-App Booking Cancellations is Live - ClassCover

In-App Booking Cancellations is Live 🙌 Here’s What You Need to Know

As the ClassCover platform continues to evolve, our mission remains the same: to create a seamless, flexible, and stress-free experience for our teachers and schools alike. We listen closely to your feedback, and we’re always eager to implement changes that will positively impact the ClassCover experience for all. 

One feature that has received strong requests—and equally robust debates—is the ability for teachers to cancel bookings with schools directly through our app. We understand that not giving teachers the ability to cancel in the app, coupled with some schools not listing an out-of-office emergency contact number can cause anxiety for teachers, making it difficult to cancel bookings on short notice. 

At the same time, we understand schools may be feeling apprehensive at the sort of impact the ability to cancel bookings in-app may have—like a surge in last-minute cancellations leaving the school in the lurch. 

To address these needs for both teachers and schools, we are excited to announce the launch of our new feature: Opt-in Teacher Booking Cancellations.

The first thing to note is that this feature is optional and set by schools. Schools not wanting their list of casuals to be able to cancel bookings in the app can choose to keep things the way they are, however, they will be required to enter an out-of-hours emergency contact number to ensure teachers have a reliable point of contact if they do need to cancel a booking. 

👉 Note that this feature has only just been released so give schools a minute to login and take action (either switch on cancellations or provide emergency contact info)

How will this feature work? 

For Casual Relief Teachers  

If a teacher needs to cancel a booking, they can simply log into ClassCover, go to the calendar screen, and click cancel. If the school has chosen to enable in-app cancellations, the teacher will be prompted to provide a reason before they can confirm the cancellation. When a school has chosen not to enable In-App Cancellations, the teacher will instead be shown an emergency contact number to call. Teachers can also check which schools they are connected to allow In-App Cancellations by heading to their ‘My Schools’ screen. 

For Schools  

Schools have the flexibility to toggle this feature on or off in ‘Admin settings’, with the option only accessible to admins and main account holders. If a school does decide to opt-in, we recommend making sure all admins have the ClassCover app downloaded with push notifications turned ON for instant alerts along with email notifications. If a school chooses not to opt-in for this feature, they must provide an emergency contact number to list. 

When a teacher cancels, all school admins will be notified instantly via email and push notification and given the option to ‘find a replacement’, which takes the school user to the booking screen with saved job details to facilitate quick rebooking. We recommend school users download the ClassCover app with push notifications turned on to ensure school admins receive these updates as quickly as possible.  

How to turn on in-app cancellations 

Ready to get started? Here’s how schools can enable In-App Booking Cancellations:  

  1. Login to the web version of ClassCover 
  2. Head over to ‘admin settings‘ and scroll down to the ‘In-app Cancellations’ section 
  3. Here you can toggle this feature on. You will see a pop-up letting you know that downloading the ClassCover app if you haven’t already done so to receive push notifications when a cancellation request comes through is highly recommended 
  4. You will also receive an email each time a cancellation occurs with a link to rebook 
  5. Cancellations will appear in your school calendar so you can keep track 

Click here to download the ClassCover app 

In-App Cancellations Toggle - ClassCover
Next time you log into ClassCover you will see this option to enable In-App Cancellations.
This is what your Calendar will look like with recent cancellations appearing on the right.

Upcoming Enhancements  

We’re excited about our new feature roadmap, which includes features designed to make life even easier for schools, including automatic rebookings when a cancellation has occurred. When enabled, this feature will allow ClassCover to resend the booking to the original list or smart group, further streamlining the process. 

We hope this new feature will provide a more flexible and efficient way of handling cancellations while ensuring that both teachers and schools feel accommodated and heard. Your feedback is integral to our continual refinement and innovation, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences with our team.

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