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the smith family catch up learning tutoring program

How ClassCover Tutor is helping close the education gap in partnership with The Smith Family

In late 2020,ClassCover Tutor approached iconic Australian charity,The Smith Family with an idea to connect relief teachers seeking additional employment with disadvantaged children who had fallen far behind in literacy and numeracy. In what is believed to be a national first, the two organisations partnered to provide 6000 hours of catch-up learning for these children. 

Over the course of 6 months, ClassCover Tutor curated the teacher team, developed the curriculum, and pre and post-assessed the students for The Smith Family’s Catch-Up Learning Programme. The results were astounding! 

We are proud to have been a part of the program as are our team of 65 tutors we selected from our large pool of casual relief teachers who are using the ClassCover platform to connect with schools for work.  

You can learn about the outstanding results of the program on: 

ABC News 

2ser Radio

2GB Radio 

The Conversation 

What’s next? 

ClassCover Tutor is looking forward to working with The Smith Family and a larger group of students in version 2 of the programme which will commence in 2022. 

ClassCover Tutor has also been selected by the NSW Department of Education as one of the four tutoring companies in the state to be the official supplier of COVID ILSP tutors to NSW Public Schools. Learn more here. 

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