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Guide for Schools: How to Make the Most of your Profile

The school profile dictates how your school is represented on ClassCover. In the competitive climate we find ourselves in, a complete school profile can mean the difference between having a steady stream of casual relief teachers applying to work with you and staring down the barrel of the teacher shortage. Does your profile need work? Fear not. We’ve pulled together some actionable tips to help you upgrade your profile pronto.  

Show off your school logo  

When we interviewed a chunk of our school community recently, we discovered that around 32% of schools said they were unlikely to add a teacher to their list without a profile picture. The rationale being that a profile picture helps schools get to know a teacher before they consider them for work. And you know what? It’s a similar story with schools and their logos. While a teacher may not turn down a booking because a school hasn’t uploaded their logo, during the teacher shortage, taking extra steps like uploading a logo will show teachers that your school is active on ClassCover and can help you stand out on the “Find New Schools” page.  

Here’s where your logo will appear in ClassCover:  

Your logo accompanies your school’s name on search pages, requests and at the top of your school profile. Schools that choose not to upload a logo will instead show a generic grey image. If you are making an effort to build up your pool of casual relief teachers, put your best foot forward on ClassCover with your school logo.  

Here is an example of how Carlton Public School’s logo looks at the top of their school profile.  

Tell your story with a great overview

Next to your logo, the overview section is one of the most important parts of your school profile. Sitting at the top of the page, the overview occupies some seriously valuable real estate and is an opportunity to highlight what makes your school special. In the current climate, this is also your chance to convince a casual relief teacher to choose your school over another. Here are some points you may want to include in your overview.

  • Your ethos or motto — For lots of schools, a motto or ethos informs everything they do, from the way they teach to the makeup of the wider school community. Including this information in your school overview is a great way to ensure the teachers coming into your school are the right fit.
  • Areas of specialty — Are your school the reigning champions in cricket? Maybe you attract students who live and breathe the arts. If your school is known to excel in certain areas, this is the place to shout about it.
  • School history — Everyone loves a story. Whether your school has been around for decades or have recently opened your doors, give potential new teachers a taste for your history and they are more likely to reflect the same passion and enthusiasm you have for your school.
  • Focus for students — If your school offers a particular style of learning, it’s a good idea to mention it here to make sure all incoming teachers are on the same page.
  • Focus for faculty — Teacher development is important and reflects the value a school places on educators and the wider faculty. Even if a relief teacher may only be with your school for a day or two, they are more likely to apply to a school that values its staff.

Lindfield East Public School in Sydney’s northern suburbs have an in-depth overview on their school profile.

Onboard new staff using ClassCover

Save time and ensure casual teachers are already briefed when they arrive at your school by uploading important documents on your school profile. You can link to external sites like a Google Doc and include information like your policies and procedures, a map of the school and anything else you want casual relief teachers to know. Rest assured, only teachers you have added to your list will be able to see this information.

Share it far and wide

Did you know you can send a group message to your whole teacher list? You can even send it to a certain segment like teachers who are available on a certain date or teach Spanish. These group messages are a great place to include a link to your school profile to make sure your important information is being seen. Here’s how to do it: 

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