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ClassCover Tutor is an official supplier of COVID ILSP tutors to NSW Public Schools

ClassCover Tutor has been approved by the NSW Department of Education as an official supplier of COVID ILSP tutors to Public Schools across NSW. 

ClassCover Tutor, formerly known as HomeTeacher, started operating in May 2020 in immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic and was created to connect ClassCover’s large pool of educators to students in need of online learning support due to school lockdowns. 

It has since grown to provide thousands of hours of catch-up learning to children in need in partnership with The Smith Family. ClassCover is also proud to be an official supplier of casual teacher tutors to Public Schools across NSW for small group tutoring for the COVID ILSP program.  

‘Following the success of The Smith Family Catch Up Learning project where >75% of students achieved above expected progression over a 20-week period, we couldn’t be prouder to be engaged by NSW Department of Education to assist with their ILSP project. The ClassCover platform is uniquely positioned and gives schools the best chance of recruiting successfully via our large library fully qualified teachers.’ – Ben Grozier, CEO of ClassCover 

Over 16,500 teachers in NSW are active on the ClassCover platform, getting booked for casual teaching work and applying for jobs posted by schools through ClassCover Jobs. NSW casual teachers can now apply to be a part of this program to deliver face to face and online tutoring to schools in need of tutors. 

NSW Public Schools across the state can choose to engage ClassCover’s tutors and have the program fully managed by our team of educators.  

Are you a school looking to engage our tutors? 

We have tutors from K-12 who are available across all subjects within the NSW curriculum. Our tutors are proven performers in attaining excellent outcomes for students who have fallen behind, demonstrated through the The Smith Family catch up learning program where our tutors conducted over 6000 hours of catch-up learning to 100 disadvantaged students. 

ClassCover Tutor offers both face-to-face and online delivery. Tutors and students/groups are matched according to the teachers’ skills/experience and the student’s needs. 

With strong experience in online delivery, ClassCover Tutor has documented success developing, implementing and assessing programs for students who require catch-up learning. 

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