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An Expert Perspective in the Classroom

Written by KE Teacher

Imagine having the power to turn the four walls of your classroom into a bone scientist’s laboratory, an Olympic arena, the creative space of an author, or even a factory working every day to fight food waste…

Welcome to the Kimberlin Education Expert Classroom, where students weave a tale of a poor orphan discovering friendship and warmth for the first time, with author and storyteller, Gregg Dreise; where students are inspired to achieve their greatest with Paralympians Danni di Toro and Tim Matthews; where students become food waste fighters with OzHarvest CEO, Ronni Kahn; where students begin planning their debut novel with Australia author, Matt Stanton; and where students learn how to represent their community with the Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jess Scully.

Hosted online, the Expert Classroom is a completely free resource for teachers, where they can access recorded video content from different experts, as well as accompanying activity guides to support further student engagement. The Expert Classroom also provides an opportunity for teachers to register for live Q&A’s with experts, giving students the opportunity to ask their burning questions.

The Why

The Expert Classroom is a place like no other. It is a resource hub born from the need to connect students with experts across Australia, hearing directly about different careers and to inspire them to plan for a bright future. The Expert Classroom helps relief teachers find quality, one-of-a-kind resources, fast! As teachers, we know that students learn best when they are connected to the communities around them. By providing an opportunity to investigate different careers and roles, the Expert Classroom will inspire students to imagine their own future, and help them develop empathy and an awareness of the complexity and diversity of our society.

The How

Each expert video is about 10 minutes in length (perfect for a lesson starter) and is fully linked to the Australian Curriculum. With each video you will also find a student-focused activity guide full of ideas to help your students develop their knowledge and practice new skills. Kimberlin Education also provides live Q&A opportunities for your class so you can chat to an expert in real time! With all of this just a few clicks away, and completely free, we are giving you the power to transform your classroom into a space where students can freely explore their future, and the jobs and roles that make up our society.

The Benefits

  • Fully linked to the Australian Curriculum for students in both primary and secondary schools. Learning outcomes change depending on the featured expert, however learning aligned with cross-curriculum priorities and general capabilities is included in each resource.
  • Each video is accompanied by a student-focused activity guide, making for an engaging lesson without needing to do any preparation. The activities will help students further cement their understanding, participate in reflection, and practice their new skills.
  • All Expert Classroom videos and activity guides are great for use either at home or in the classroom, so teachers can use them where, when and how they want.
  • Students are provided with opportunities to learn from and even chat with experts from a variety of fields. This will not only help them better understand their community, but will encourage them to consider and discuss a variety of possible future career paths. This aspect will be of particular interest to secondary school students.
  • Students have a unique experience that will enrich their schooling, develop their awareness of our society, and help them aspire to become whatever they want to be.

The Kimberlin Education Expert Classroom is now open to all teachers and students looking for an unforgettable experience. With everything you need for an engaging lesson for students of any age, free of charge, and only a few clicks away, the Expert Classroom will become an integral part of any relief teacher’s tool kit. We hope you join us soon to experience the magic, and to help your students grow into experts themselves. Remember, experts don’t just happen, they learn, practice and share every day.

Come and meet them!

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