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10 years of ClassCover | A history

A lot happened in 2011. Queensland got hit with summer floods and Cyclone Yasi, millions around the world tuned in for the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a once-in-a-lifetime earthquake shook Christchurch and both the Queen and then President Obama made visits to Australia.  

In amongst all this, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, a little education start-up called ClassCover was quietly taking shape. Pioneered by founders with a passion for the industry, ClassCover was launched to bring together relief teachers with the schools that needed them and was the first of its kind in Australia.  

Fast forward ten years and ClassCover has grown into something bigger and better than anyone could have anticipated. With a platform boasting over 80,000 teachers and 2,300 schools as well as partnerships with the likes of The Smith Family and NSW Department of Education, the future is looking bright.  

To celebrate a decade of innovation, take a look back at some of the biggest milestones of the past 10 years and take a peek at what’s coming next.  

To celebrate our birthday, schools can try ClassCover for 25% off your first year. As always, teachers can create a profile for free

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