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Intro to Relief Teaching for Graduates

In this FREE course you will

  • Increase your chances of getting relief teaching work
  • Make yourself as attractive as possible for long term appointments
  • Prepare for your first days in the classroom


The vast majority of graduating teachers will start out searching for relief teaching work on their pathway to securing a permanent position.

Relief teaching should be enjoyable, challenging and is a flexible and less admin heavy way to commence your teaching career.

In this course you will learn ‘real world’ tips that will be invaluable in assisting you to secure your first days of work, put yourself in the frame for long term contracts and be the best, most employable teacher possible.

Join our expert presenter and collaborate with fellow graduates in this very popular course.

Addressed Standards

This course is not NESA accredited. Teachers completing this course will not be at the maintenance level of accreditation that NESA provides.

Those teachers at maintenance level with NESA are most welcome to complete the course and use it towards ‘Elective PD’

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:   6.2 & 7.2


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