Growth Mindsets

This course shows you

  • Growth Mindsets Vs Fixed Mindsets
  • The Concept of Grit
  • Visual tools and language to support growth mindsets


A Growth Mindset is important to support students to seek appropriately challenging learning and persevere in the face of obstacles they encounter in their lessons and activities.

In her second course with the Relief Teacher Association, Zebedee Freidman introduces us to growth mindset concepts and practices that support our students to be responsible risk takers and resilient learners.

A mix of down to earth delivery, practical content and fun activities awaits you in this course!

Addressed Standards

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:  3.5 and 4.1

This course contributes to 2 professional development hours.

Completing optional “take home activities” during the course will up to double the duration of courses on the certificate.  You should document your time spent on these optional activities as Teacher Identified PD.

Growth Mindsets may be logged as 2 hours of NESA Elective PD. Suggested descriptors: 3.5.2, 4.1.2

4.3 star average rating
(Based off 668 reviews)

“I found the presenter and the video speakers engaging and interesting to listen to. I liked that the activities I did would also be useful for students to do and that there were so many examples and explanations, and ways to implement growth mindsets in the classroom.” Teacher in QLD

“Excellent! Not only did it give me great practical ideas to use in the classroom but also how I can change my thinking and improve myself personally “Teacher in NSW

“Very good content delivery, engaging and enjoyable. All the activities were engaging and thought provoking, effective learning material”Teacher in SA

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