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Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking in the Classroom - with Alice Vigors

Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking in the Classroom

In this course you will

  • Learn the difference between critical and creative thinking and examine its role in the classroom
  • Reflect on and explore the implications of critical and creative thinking on pedagogical and classroom practice
  • Better understand the role of assessment in the development of student thinking
  • Identify and explain ways to assess depth of understanding and critical and creative thinking skills through the three phases of learning and SOLO model

Course Description

Join Alice Vigors, teacher, author of The Thinking Classroom, and founder of Thinking Pathways, as she shows you how to foster critical and creative thinking in the classroom. Through a mixture of theory and practical, real-world lessons, Alice will boost your understanding of the different ways to encourage critical and creative thinking among students. The course encourages interaction through brainstorming activities and reflections that will give you the confidence to put the learnings into place in your classroom. 

About your Instructor

Alice Vigors is a NSW-based teacher, author of The Thinking Classroom, founder of educational resource platform Thinking Pathways, and co-host of the Teacher Takeaway Podcast. Alice has appeared as a speaker at events including ClassCover’s RTCON virtual conference for relief teachers, On Butterfly Wings Educational Conference, and the Project Zero Sydney Conference. Follow Alice on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter 

Addressed Standards 

Course duration: 5 hours


Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking in the Classroom may be logged as 5 hours of NESA Elective PD. Suggested descriptor: 3.3.2 & 5.1.2

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: This course addresses standard 3.3 & 5.2 from the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers


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