Behaviour management for relief teachers

In this course you will

  • Increase and improve on your behaviour management options
  • Learn how to better handle disruptive students
  • Receive highly practical advice tailor-made for relief teachers


Managing student behaviour in the classroom is essential for all teachers. Student behaviour is the determining factor of learning success and sometimes your teacher sanity. Misbehaviour is a toxic element in the classroom but dealing with misbehaviour incorrectly increases the toxicity.

Not only does misbehaviour add an abrasive tone to your rapport with all students it creates a destructive element for future success.

You need a repertoire of behaviour management strategies to call upon to handle the myriad of classroom situations with which you deal.

At the end of this course, Behaviour Management for Relief Teachers, you will have better options, more effective strategies and more competent skills to handle disruptive students in your classrooms.

Addressed Standards

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 4.2 and 4.3

This course contributes to 2 professional development hours.

Behaviour management for relief teachers may be logged as 2 hours of NESA Elective PD. Suggested descriptors: 4.2.2, 4.3.2

4.2 star average rating
(Based off 285 reviews)

“THE BEST COURSE YET! Too many courses (including those are Uni) tell you that the way to deal with a crisis is to not let it happen in the first place – they NEVER say what to do when it actually happens, and so I’ve never been prepared for what to do in such an event. Hopefully I never need to use this knowledge but now I have it in case the situation escalates – BRILLIANT!”Teacher in NSW

“I gained more strategies and was able to read about other teacher’s and their experiences which helped to put my own into perspective.”Teacher in TAS

“Very practical ideas provided by experienced practical teachers. Not something out of a text book or from a uni lecturer who hadnt been in a classroom for 20 years.”Teacher in WA

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