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Writing a good cover letter and teacher resume

Every successful teaching job starts with a well written resume. This includes any Australian teaching position. Rick from Teachers’ Professional Resumes joins the ClassCover Jobs blog to take you through how your Australian teacher’s résumé is your first step to becoming a leader in education. 

The employers’ side 

When a school is looking for new teachers, the HR manager will only have a minimum amount of time to skim through all of the résumés of applicants.  They will only look for the most significant information within all of the résumés and most likely skip any information that isn’t relevant.  

The cover letter of the application is the most important part: this is the first thing an employer will see, and must capture their attention to ensure they will read on and be in a positive frame of mind when reading your résumé.  Most importantly, this is the opportunity to showcase your great talents and achievements – what you can bring to the new school, and why they should hire YOU. 

The step by step guide on writing a great teacher cover letter

Check out (and bookmark) this comprehensive guide on how to write a good teacher cover letter that will get you noticed: The Art of the Professional Cover Letter for Teachers

Benefits of a professionally written résumé 

Most university graduates (and more experienced teachers) may commit certain mistakes when they create their first résumé. Often, these mistakes may be related to layout, style, spelling and grammar and may form the crucial difference in being successful or not.   

To help you with the layout and important points to include, we have created a handy and basic teacher resume template that includes tips on what to include and where. You can download this for free. 

Getting state specific

Teachers who are applying for a job in a certain state for the first time may encounter problems with the state’s criteria or unique selection and recruitment requirements. Failing to understand the criteria may lessen the chance for an applicant to receive an interview.   

Professional education industry résumé writers can help create a quality résumé that is truly eye-catching and which will highlight your attributes, the strengths that you bring to the school, and your potential to be successful in the position.  The writers know the most common mistakes to avoid when writing a résumé.  Depending on the state and school a teacher is applying for, professional, education-specific writers understand the criteria an applicant must address to increase their chance of an interview.  When seeking professional support, be sure to enlist the assistance of a company that works specially with educators, and avoid “general” résumé writers with no experience in education. 

ClassCover Jobs has collaborated with Teachers’ Professional Resumes to offer you tips and insights to assist you in landing your dream job.

When you are planning on applying for a teaching job, consider Teachers’ Professional Résumés to help get you started on your professional journey.  

For permanent teacher applicants, they have available for most states their $135 ONLINE PACKAGES which can be found at .  These are comprehensive and cover all aspects of developing a dynamic application and preparing for interview. Packages for more senior positions are also available. 

They also provide individual assistance and workshops for NSW teaching applicants. Telephone for a confidential discussion: 0411245415 or email

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