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Why schools are turning to technology to assist with this arduous task

Spare a thought for your colleague who is in charge of booking and managing casual relief teachers at your school…

Calling in sick last minute, while entirely unavoidable and understandable, can be quite a challenge and often arduous task. This is exacerbated in periods of high absenteeism such as Term 3 during the cold and flu season and now COVID-19 which has added enormous additional strain.  

It’s not uncommon for up to 30 phone calls and individual text messages to take place to find a casual relief teacher that is available for the day. On top of that, where else can you turn when the list is exhausted? Some schools are having to post call outs on Facebook very last minute in a desperate hope that someone local to the school will see the post and put their hand up to come in. This last minute shot can have unintended ramifications as the time to properly vet the incoming teacher by both interview and checking qualifications can go out the window.  

This is why schools have turned to technology to assist them in booking, finding and managing casual relief teachers.  

The ClassCover app is Australia’s leading casual relief teacher booking app, built to simplify everything to do with casual teaching for both casual relief teachers and the schools booking them. ClassCover is not an agency and takes no commissions or fees from teachers or schools and costs nothing for schools to transition a teacher to full time. 

“Booking a casual relief teacher takes an average of 2 mins and 17 seconds on ClassCover. Before ClassCover, some schools were reporting upwards of an hour” 

How does the ClassCover app assist schools? 

  • View and know availability before booking. 
  • Book in a few clicks through an all at once or priority order booking request. 
  • Have full control over the casual teachers who cover each class with the option for classroom teachers to book their own cover. 
  • Find new teachers through our library of local casual teachers, ready to teach at your school. 
  • Stay organised with a centralised calendar, payroll reports, insights and analytics. 
  • Use our comprehensive tagging system to identify subject specific casual teachers to book and to add to school lists.  
  • ClassCover is not an agency, so there’s no hidden fees or charges. 
  • Unlimited school users and unlimited bookings. 

How does the ClassCover app assist casual teachers? 

  • It’s 100% free for casual teachers to create a profile and start getting booked for work. 
  • Casual teachers can expand their school network and connect to more job opportunities.  
  • Teachers are in charge of their availability. They stop getting contacted when they aren’t available to work. 
  • Teachers can update and improve their cv in real time for schools to see, with the ability to upload all relevant qualifications and certificates. 
  • No agency fees are taken out of a teachers wage. Teachers get paid a full rate by schools.

Try ClassCover for free for 30 days

No matter what 2020 throws at your school next, we have you covered. 

Are you a NSW public school? 

ClassCover has a partnership with the NSW Department of Education which gives your school subsidised access. It’s quick and easy to sign up and is free for all NSW public schools.  

Join thousands of other NSW public schools on ClassCover now. Get started 

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