ClassCover is australia's number one choice

ClassCover offers premium features and benefits that other relief teacher booking apps and temporary relief teacher schemes simply do not. ClassCover is affordable for schools and offers a complete solution, all without adding any additional workload.

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Our app offers schools an efficient and simple way to connect directly with relief teachers. 
You can view availability at a glance and book teachers from the palm of your hand anywhere at anytime saving your school vast amounts of time. You can also choose the order & delay time between when your teachers are contacted, giving preferred teachers additional time to respond.

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Our booking solution will save your school money without adding additional workload. 
ClassCover does everything you need from booking and managing relief teachers to payroll reports. The simplicity of ClassCover transforms the job of booking a relief teacher into a 5 minute task, replacing the need for a dedicated staff member. 

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Connect with our large community of relief teachers.
ClassCover offers schools the ability to connect with over 38,000 relief teachers across Australia through our Find New Teachers search. A highly valued feature not offered by our competitors. 

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ClassCover is simple to use so you won't require time wasting in-school demos. 
We will run your members of staff through the ins and outs via virtual training and will provide you with additional videos for you to refer back to when you have time. 

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We offer relief teachers a chance to progress and grow. 
Relief teachers on ClassCover have the opportunity to enhance their careers and knowledge through online PD training, yearly PD live events and community building. This ensures more quality, happier relief teachers.

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Premium gold standard support. 
Our dedicated support team is unparalleled, offering extended operating hours, live online chat, phone and email as well as an extensive knowledge base and support videos. 


ClassCover's premium feature guide

Premium features available to all schools at an affordable price...

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As a principal, I have been very pleased with the use of ClassCover for our school. It is so convenient to have my current list of casuals available online at any time. I particularly like the fact that it is so easy to use via the app as well. ClassCover has been readily available to support myself and the staff, and willingly take on suggestions to improve the service. Well done, ClassCover!
— Erika Southam, Principal, North Ryde PS, NSW