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About the webinar

Are teachers in your school feeling burnt out and overworked? You are not alone. We’ve all heard that you can leverage technology and digital tools to streamline teaching and admin tasks, but what are these tools and how do you do it?  We explore how you can and why you should in this must watch, expert-led webinar – brought to you by ClassHive and ClassCover.

Join Lesley Woodhouse from ClassHive and Ben Grozier from ClassCover as they team up to bring you an indepth look at how technology, if used right, can significantly alleviate teacher workloads. 

Joining the webinar is Assistant Principal, podcast co-host of the Teacher Takeaway Podcast and much loved teacher PD presenter Aaron Johnston and Leppington Public School classroom teacher and Metropolitan South and West School Performance Directorate Excellence Award winner for 2022 Taylor Pentecost, to give you real world insights on how they are utilising the right technology in their schools. 

The Panelists

Ben Grozier

CEO and Co-founder of ClassCOver

Ben Grozier is the co-founder of ClassCover, a platform that helps schools save vast amounts of time and stress on the booking and management of their casual relief teachers. Since going live in 2012, ClassCover has grown to now service over 3200 schools and 100,000 teachers across Australia. It is the chosen relief teacher management solution for the NSW Department of Education and Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville Catholic Education Departments to name a few. ClassCover has now grown and expanded to deliver online teacher PD, an integrated jobs marketplace for opportunities in education, and a best in sector tutoring arm, that in partnership with The Smith Family, has delivered over 40,000 hours of one to one online education to some of Australia’s most disadvantaged children.

Lesley Woodhouse

CEO and Co-founder of ClassHive and Wingaru Education

Lesley, a proud Dharug woman, is an experienced CEO in the edu-tech space. She is passionate about making education accessible for all students, supporting teachers to use tools that enhance learning opportunities, and helping to increase their confidence in the classroom. Working closely with schools and teachers using leading Aboriginal education resource Wingaru Kids, Lesley and her team experienced first-hand the demands on teachers in the classroom, and set out to develop an agile solution that reduces time spend on edu-tech admin and consolidates online learning. Enter ClassHive, a sophisticated and user-friendly platform that streamlines digital teaching resources and allows teachers to take back up to two hours class time a week.

Aaron Johnston

Assistant Principal and co-host of Teacher TakeAway Podcast

Aaron Johnston is an Assistant Principal and Instructional Leader from Central Coast, NSW. He has been teaching for fourteen years and he graduated from Avondale College in 2008 with a Bachelor of Education (Primary) Honours degree. Aaron has taught all grades K-6 and worked in a range of roles including classroom teacher, learning support teacher, student wellbeing officer across a variety of large and small school settings. You can follow him on Instagram and find his free resources

Taylor Pentecost

Classroom Teacher, Leppington Public School

Taylor Pentecost is a Primary School Teacher based at a semi-rural school in south-western Sydney. Passionate about inclusive education and the role technology can play in accessibility, Taylor is the recipient of the Metropolitan South and West School Performance Directorate Excellence Award 2022, recognising her commitment to student focused teaching approaches. 

Taylor utilises a variety of technologies including ClassHive and ClassCover to support her work and is a strong advocate for getting the most out of edu-tech teaching support