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Webinar | Making mosaics from broken times by Dr Tim Hawkes OAM

Presented by Dr Tim Hawkes OAM, Co-Director of Truwell
Co-hosted by Ben Grozier, CEO of ClassCover 

Webinar date: 17th of September
Time: 5:30PM AEST

An engaging and hugely relevant presentation by one of Australia’s best-known thought leaders in education, Tim Hawkes. 

Tim will use his characteristic insights and humour to give practical advice on how teachers, and educational leaders, can flourish in these COVID times. 

This is compulsory viewing by any educator who wishes to take home common-sense advice on how to handle the stressors of our time. 

The topics covered will include: 

  • Remaining positive  
  • Handling stress 
  • Increasing resilience  
  • Protecting the inner self 
  • Coping with COVID 
  • Shepherding those in our care 

This webinar will show educators how they can make something beautiful from the broken pieces of contemporary times. 

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