[Recording] ClassCover Demo Webinar for Relief Ruler Schools

Learn how over 3000+ Aussie schools are powering up their relief teacher booking and management by applying the wealth of tools available through ClassCover to their day-to-day operations.

As a Relief Ruler school, you get access to ClassCover for the same yearly price as you had on Relief Ruler on a legacy pricing plan, giving your school access to a lot more for the same low price.  

But how does it all work and what more do you get on ClassCover? 

Ben, joined by ClassCover Product Manager Prashant Andrew, takes you through how you can streamline bookings and management of your teachers and other casual staff and connect with more. Learn about what is the same as Relief Ruler, what is enhanced and what is new for your school with your new account. 

Next steps

Sign your school up to ClassCover before the 16th of Dec

Relief Ruler schools are able to take advantage of ClassCover’s special Legacy Pricing Plan if signed up to the platform before the 16th of December 2022.

Your school can continue to use Relief Ruler until June 2023, however you must show interest to continue to be using ClassCover after this date by signing up asap. 

Still looking for more info? Get the ClassCover infopacks

For schools:
Download the ClassCover infopack for Relief Ruler schools. Get it here

For relief teachers
Download the infopack to share with your teachers: Get it here

What are the benefits of signing up to ClassCover?

Check out the ClassCover and Relief Ruler feature comparison chart. Understand what you will get with your new school account and what Relief Ruler features will be coming soon.

Take a look at the comparison chart

Are you looking for more information about TRT schemes?

ClassCover has already had feedback sessions with TRT Scheme Coordinators and are actively building out new features specifically for this use case. 

If you are a coordinator for a TRT scheme or a school that is part of a TRT scheme, you can see what we are building in the doc below.

Get info on TRT Schemes on ClassCover