ClassCover fixes in progress

We are working hard to provide you with the superior app that we promised you we will deliver. This includes ironing out any bugs you have been expereincing, reinstating all features you are used to as well as bringing you new features that you have been asking for.

To provide you with as much support as possible, we have included a clear schedule for many of the remaining features and fixes that we will be implementing which can be found in the Priority Fix Roadmap.

Please take a look through the below links for extra support and information.

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Troubleshooting guide

Are you receiving an ‘internal server error’ or are unable to access your profile? We’ve put together a guide showing how to fix this and other access problems and who to contact for further assistance.

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Upcoming features and fixes

You can view a road map of upcoming fixes and features that will be released over the next three weeks in the link below.

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Training and new product walkthrough webinars

We’re holding a series of webinars to assist you in how to use the new product as well as providing updates and troubleshooting in the session.

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Join our User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Schools and teachers deserve confidence in the new releases and an understanding of how the system functions, whether that is a new feature or reviewing a major fix being put in place.

As part of this, a coordinated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) schedule has been planned to ensure all parties are aligned and the individual needs of the schools and teachers are met in advance.

We are looking for any schools and teachers that would be interested in being involved. These sessions, which will take approximately 20-30 minutes, are performed at your schools and in conjunction with one of the team from ClassCover.


Need extra support?

Email us at or chat to us live via the blue live chat icon on the bottom right hand side.