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Tutor Application Video Introduction

Applications have now closed

Uploading your video introduction

Thank you for your application to take part in The Smith Family Catch Up Learning program for 2022. As part of the application process, we are requesting a quick 90 second video introduction telling us about yourself and why you would be great for the role.

What to put in your video

  • Teaching experience
  • Online teaching/tutoring experience
  • The reasons you wish to be part of the program
  • How you would approach working with a student/family that has previously had negative experiences in formal education.


Please note: This does not need to be polished or edited in anyway, nor do we expect you to get dressed up like face-to-face formal interview. Someone holding your phone or you holding your phone is fine or feel free to have someone ask you the questions if that’s easier.

How to upload your video

Step 1: Record your introduction on your smartphone, Loom or on Zoom.

Step 2: Upload your video file by completing the file upload form in the link below. 

File size: Files uploaded to the uploader form are not to exceed 10mb.

What if your file is larger than 10mb? Files larger than 10mb can be uploaded to a Google Drive or Dropbox folder. You can then copy the link and paste it in the file uploader form as an alternative. 

Applications have now closed.