Google Classroom is a powerful and effective tool for teachers striving for a paperless classroom. While not a learning management system in the traditional sense, Google Classroom is a blended program that can replace the paper world teachers and students have long lived in. 

The free resource, available to educators who have a Google Apps for Education account, can save teachers time, help keep classes organised and improve two-way communication with students. 

Are you ready to go DIGITAL with the Paperless Classroom?  

Google Classroom is taking over many schools and classrooms. It is important to start learning about the 21st century Paperless Classroom. Many classrooms have been converting to 1:1 with technology and many are starting a little at a time. It is our responsibility as educators to learn and become fluent with the new ways of teaching and learning. You may be wondering where do I start… or if you are an expert, you may be wondering where can I find resources to meet my student’s needs. 

How do I get started with Google Classroom? 

Google Classroom: To create an account is free! Yes, it is absolutely free to create a google classroom and to use it! You would sign on to google and set up a classroom account. 

  • You can use Classroom if you log in using a Google Apps for Education account – 

  • Click on the [+] button in the top right to create your first class, click “Create class.” 

  • Add a class name and a section. The class name should be the title of the class. You can add your students to the class, or they can start to join. It will prompt them for a class code- make sure they keep this handy. 

  • Setting Up Students Google Accounts: You will have to sign up students to have their google accounts. You will need this to assign class assignments and to grade activities. They will also need class code to get to the assignments. 

  • Teach Expectations: Many teachers teach how to be a Good Cyber Citizenship. You can find a helpful FREE packet here to use. 

  • Model: Modelling how to use google classroom. You may need to start from how to log on, to how to navigate the web, to completing assignments. This will all take time. The more modeling you do the easier it is for them to use on their own. I also would hang posters with directions for them to have handy when you are not able to walk through step by step. 

Google classrooms recommended activities and websites 

What should I expect with Google Classroom? 

As a teacher we usually have high expectations and we are tough on ourselves if something doesn’t work out. I would recommend giving it time. With everything there is a trial and error- especially using technology. I do recommend that you recap expectations daily with your students, that you model frequently, and that you give it time.  

If you would like to learn more about using Google Classrooms in schools then why not join Josh and Nicole Vigors in our latest course on The Relief Teacher Association. This course is designed for the absolute beginner with advanced ideas for more experienced users of the platform.

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