Thanks to the Relief Teacher Association I was recently introduced to an amazing Microsoft programme called SWAY.  I had never used it before and wasn’t even aware that it was available as part of the download pack for teachers and students.  I must admit, I am a great fan of technology and love to try anything new, but my go to for most projects is PowerPoint.......Not any more!

I loved so many things about this software. 

  • It autosaves as you go!! That was the biggest thrill for me, no more hours of work lost, and it is stored online so that you can work on it from any device in any location. Being cloud based means that you can also access your SWAYS from anywhere.  Ideal for any teacher when you need a great resource in a hurry. 

  • It is intuitive, if you put in a topic, it searches through Google and finds relevant information and images that you can insert into your presentations.  Ant the quality of the presentations is nothing short of professional, I have seen students completely amazed at the SWAYS that they have created (the parents are also impressed too) 

What exactly is SWAY? 

Sway is simple, slick, and so much more and it is FREE by just using your email address. 

  • You can easily add your own text, questions, images, videos, and more. You can change the font, colour palette, and layout to get the look that you after. 

Sway does the work for you, and as I said previously the results are impressive. 

So what is the best way to use this in the classroom? 

This Pinterest board has hundreds of  great ideas worth investigating (set aside a good few hours for this)

As a teacher, you can use Sway to create engaging presentations about a science or social studies topic. Introduce yourself to the class on the first day using Sway, which is a fabulous tool to add to your teaching bag of tricks.   

Students can also use this tool easily. Sway gives your students a new alternative to PowerPoint. This tool is perfect for any research project. Challenge students to create a Sway demonstrating their knowledge about a subject being taught in class. Students could create a Sway rather than a traditional book report. Groups could create Sways about science investigations and experiments. The Possibilities are endless.

 Here are some resources to help you and your students to get started with Sway: 

Why not come and join the SWAY course in the Relief Teacher Association
Find out how brilliant this software is and how it will benefit both yourselves and your students. 



Digital storytelling with Sway

Join Jaime Marinkovich as she takes you step by step through Digital Storytelling basics, how to create your free Sway account and how to use Sway to implement effective digital storytelling techniques.
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Here are what some people are saying about the course. 

“Thanks Jaime for this course. I found your explanations very easy to follow and I was surprised how quickly I could pick up each step. It was an excellent course I would recommend to any teacher.” 

“I found this PD very informative, and I'm extremely excited to give this a try for teaching students to use, and to make my own SWAYS as teacher resources. “ 

“A great knowledgeable leader. Well presented. Thanks”