Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to explore London for a year and teach at the same time!

Our partners at Teach In are offering ClassCover teachers a chance to teach in London for a guaranteed 1 year contract. 

They are looking for outstanding teachers and teaching graduates in Australia and New Zealand who are interested in teaching in the UK. They pick the cream of the crop to attend a taster tour of teaching in a UK – and with a guaranteed job at the end of it. Oh, and it’s free!

Do you fit the following criteria? If yes, then this is an opportunity for you!

  • You must be eligible for the YMV Youth Mobility Visa (under 30 years old)

  • You are travel ambitious and adventure hungry 

  • You are able to work in London for the entirety of 2019 

Graduates and preservice teachers are eligible to apply!

Apply now for a fully expensed week in London to be a part of their London interview tour.

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