Keeping up with all the opportunities for professional learning for teachers can be difficult. Information is everywhere, sitting in our inboxes or flying past in the Twitter feed, and quite often not reaching us at all. This is what prompted one of our ClassCover teachers and EdTech enthusiast, Deb Clarke, to create the EdEVENTS app.

The free app for smartphones aims to provide a comprehensive list of what’s happening for free, paid and online (open) for educators. As one of ClassCover’s early adopters, Deb knows the value in being able to choose when and how you learn. The RTA modules are convenient and cover a great range of topics. Believing more teachers should know about these opportunities, she has aimed to create a platform that makes all types of learning accessible anywhere, anytime.

EdEVENTS harnesses the sharing culture already thriving on Twitter and in Facebook groups and places it in a central location. The free app provides teachers with information about upcoming professional development events and courses, while giving them the space to share and comment on their findings with friends and colleagues in one place. Twitter and Facebook users can also post to both walls at once!  She also wanted to encourage “social media shy” teachers to get involved in this new sharing culture, giving an option to only share status updates with friends in the app.

Deb saw the need for this app after witnessing the technology divide during her several years of being a primary school teacher and working for two tech startups in the education field. She was “amazed to learn the biggest pain point...was getting the information directly to teachers.”

As a teacher who knows the power of connecting with other educators and learning from and with each other, this app attempts to not only connect more teachers directly with all the amazing opportunities for professional growth but to also connect more teachers with each other to share their learning.

Download the FREE app today and stay connected.

Head over to to learn more about the app! It's available for free in the Apple App Store and GooglePlay for Android. Download the app today!

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