Term 3 is the busiest term for Casual Relief teachers so how can we keep ourselves healthy so that we can be ready to work when called in, without getting ill ourselves.  Children unwittingly share their germs with us, so here are some tips to help you.

In your tool kit include

•    Hand wash/gel
•    Tissues
•    Plenty of water (some Echinacea drops, can be a helpful addition to your water bottle)
•    Vitamin C, horseradish and garlic tablets can help to build our immune system
•    Use wipes on the computer keyboard, ipads, IWB touchpad, musical instruments. (Hands wiping noses and then handling these items is such a common way for germs to be transferred)

Encourage your students to ‘sneeze’ into their elbow, wash their hands regularly and keep warm.  It’s a tough battle, but when you’re called to a high-energy profession like teaching, you have no choice but to win.

Managing stress is also an important way to stay healthy.  The more the stress is managed, the easier it is for your immune system to battle those school germs.  It is important to rest and turn your brain off, stop your screen time (computer, TV, iPad, iPhone etc.) at least an hour or 2 before bed time.  A regular pattern before bed is helpful, some yoga or meditation can be helpful.

Many teachers are guilty of drinking too much coffee and not enough water.  Boost your immune system by drinking orange juice, cranberry juice, and green tea from time-to-time.  In addition to staying hydrated, it’s equally important to stay nourished.  Remember to have snacks throughout the day.

ClassCover Relief Teacher Association has a wonderful course available to help with this.  We would love to catch up with you there.
“Understanding and Maintaining your well being as a Teacher”

Happy teachers are also healthy teachers.