Guest Blog Post by Nikki Tester - Relief Teacher Association Course Manager

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I would like to run through a few handy tips for you to explore if you are finding that you are getting a little overwhelmed by the internet.  There are so many websites out there now, that it can become a little frustrating if you can’t find what you need in a hurry. 

My go to site for Australian Primary Teachers to explore for all KLAs is Snapshot 21st Century Learning Weebly.  This site is hosted by Shellie Tancred, who is a teacher from the Central Coast in NSW.  She has been adding resources to this wonderful website for a number of years now, and it is a treasure trove of information. 

To get updates you can receive her SMORE newsletter by subscribing (it is free).  Here she updates any new additions to the website. 

A great way to do a google search is to include Snapshot 21st century in your actual search eg by including Aboriginal Studies in the search you are taken to the most relevant posts

GetSmart Copacabana PS weebly will take you to numerous sites sorted by stage and KLA.  Site designed and maintained by Glenys Goffett at Copacabana PS

Google Search - a handy tip for searching is to add the words Wiki or Weebly after your search and you will be amazed at the content that comes up for you.

Pinterest- has become a bookmarking tool of choice for many teachers searching for resources.  You can find many free resources and links by using the search facility on the site.  This is my Pinterest link for anyone interested.

I have created a book with more helpful hints and links for you to explore called Easy Links- Wonderful Websites for Very Busy Teachers.  This may be just the thing to save you hours of frustration and $$$$, as I have linked to many free resources in the book. 

What are your go to places for high quality resources online? Let us know in the comments.