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The Approval to Teach Tick: How it Works

If you’ve ever found yourself racing to find a casual, you’ll know how time consuming it can be to check through mandatory training and approval to teach documentation to make sure a teacher is ready to work. This was one of the reasons we launched our direct integration with the NSW Department of Education. Now, you can look at a teachers profile in ClassCover and see if their accreditations are up to date at a glance. Here’s how it works. 

ClassCover is Your One Source of Truth

Forget juggling multiple documents and cross-referencing teacher qualifications. ClassCover’s integration with the NSW DoE means you have access to the most up to date information, delivered straight to your smartphone or computer. The integration feeds a continuous stream of data from the department into your ClassCover dashboard, so you can feel confident you have accurate information.

Designed to Save You Time

Since launch, ClassCover’s integration with the NSW DoE and the “approval to teach tick” has proven to save school admins and anyone booking casual teachers a lot of time. We’re always talking to our school users and basing our new features on your feedback. One thing we heard time and time again is that the process of checking the qualifications of casual teachers was eating up precious time. Thanks to this integration, when you book a casual teacher to work at your school, you only need to glance at their Teacher Profile and see if they have a green or orange tick. More on that below.

How to Read the Tick

When viewing a teacher’s profile, you will see either a green or orange tick.

  • Green tick = Approved to teach and has completed all mandatory training
  • Orange tick = Approved to teach but mandatory training isn’t up to date

This feature has been designed to speed up the process for you and means that you can check a teacher’s approval to teach and training status at a glance. If the tick is green, go ahead and book. If a teacher’s tick is orange, some of their mandatory training is not up to date with the NSW Department of Education.

Easy for Teachers

While our integration with the NSW Department of Education is great for schools, it also brings big benefits for teachers using our platform. By notifying users when the deadline to maintain their NESA accreditation is approaching, ClassCover helps ensure teachers stay on top of their approval to teach. If a teacher’s accreditation does lapse and their status in the system changes, they will receive a notification with steps to take to rectify it.

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