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Term 1 Update for Schools - ClassCover

2024 for Schools: Start the Year with a Bang

Tips to start the year strong, a first look at some new features, plus the best way to streamline bookings.

Welcome to 2024. As term 1 kicks off around the country, we’re sharing some proven tips your school can use to make ClassCover work better for you. We’ve also got some exciting updates that are designed to improve the booking process for schools.  

Now is the time to Clean out Your Teacher List 

One of the best ways for your school to start the year with a clean slate is to tidy up your Teacher List. Due to the transient nature of casual relief teaching, it’s common for schools to find themselves with teachers on their list who have accepted contracts, taken full-time jobs or are otherwise unavailable to book. To reduce clutter and ensure your list only contains teachers who are available for bookings, here’s a guide to removing inactive teachers.  

  1. Consult your Teacher List Health Checker

The List Health Checker on the My Teachers page gives you an overview of the state of your list. The percentage is the number of active teachers your school has on your list. Anything under 75% means that it’s time to clean up your list.  

  1. See which teachers are inactive

The most effective way to boost the health of your school’s list is to find and remove inactive teachers. A teacher is marked as inactive when they haven’t logged into ClassCover, or responded to a booking request for three months. From your My Teachers page, use the filters to show only teachers who are inactive. 

  1. Take action

Once you know which teachers on your list are inactive, you have a few options. You can choose to either hide them — which keeps inactive teachers on your list but will exclude them from your booking lists, bulk suspend them, or bulk delete them.  

Before you do any of these, it’s a good idea to attempt to get in touch with the inactive teachers on your list. You can do this by sending a nudge or sending an email to all inactive teachers on your list. If these teachers still don’t log into ClassCover, you can go ahead and take action.  

  1. Rebuild your list

If your Teacher List is looking a little light after the clean-up, there’s a couple of steps you can take to find new casuals. Your first step should be to check your ‘Teacher Requests’ page on either the web or mobile app. Pending teacher requests expire after 30 days, so you’ll want to check these regularly. You can also use the Find New Teachers tool to search for teachers in your area or post a call-out on the ClassCover Jobs platform.  

In need of more info? Here’s a step-by-step guide on cleaning up your Teacher List. 

👀 New Feature: Teacher Report Card  

We are getting ready to launch a new Report Card feature for schools. Soon, when you log in to ClassCover you will be able to see additional information on teachers, including those already on your list and those you haven’t yet added. You will be able to see their booking response rate, the frequency that they update their availability and the last time they logged into ClassCover. The Report Card is designed to increase transparency for schools and help you make informed decisions on which teachers you connect with. Watch this space!

We’ve Updated the Booking Request Flow  

We know how important it is for schools to find and book teachers in a timely manner. For this reason we have recently rolled out an updated booking flow to ensure teachers see the request and can respond sooner.  

Here’s what’s changed with Booking Requests: 

  • Faster, more responsive push notifications 

We have upgraded our booking request push notifications to ensure they reach teachers faster, and more reliably. All teachers will notice this change regardless of whether they are connected to Wi-Fi or using mobile data.

  • New notification sound on iOS 

We have changed the push notification alert for the ClassCover iOS app to a distinct tone. The aim is to ensure booking request notifications are heard loud and clear. 

These changes are now live in ClassCover and no action is needed from schools.

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