Join 50,000 relief teachers getting booked by schools on ClassCover

ClassCover connects schools with relief teachers in just a few clicks, saving schools hours each day whilst connecting teachers to a wealth of new employment opportunities.

With ClassCover, schools can see your availability before booking you so you never get asked to work when you are unavailable again. You also have the choice to be found by other schools giving you the opportunity to grow your network and obtain more work.

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Are you a NSW public school relief teacher?


How ClassCover works


1. Update your availability in seconds

Let schools see when you can work and when you can't at a glance. Update in seconds via SMS, Smartphone Apps or a Desktop.


2. Update your cv in real time for schools to see

No need to email or notify schools of your new skills, update your CV via your profile for all schools to see.


3. You can now come to class prepared

Schools can send you information about the classes you are covering upon booking you, meaning lesson plans, resources, instructions etc in your hand before you begin.


4. Indepth profile info

Add a profile picture, your specialty subjects and experience to your profile. Plus any Professional Development courses you completed, your references and more.


Are you looking for affordable and accredited teacher PD?

Take a look at the Relief Teacher Association


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