Get 10% off your next invoice for every school* you refer!

Spread the word to your local school community about how much time you are saving on ClassCover and get rewarded for your efforts!

For every school you refer who then goes on to purchase a paid plan, you will receive 10% off your next invoice. There is no limit, meaning you can refer 10 schools in a year and have $0 on your next yearly invoice.

Why having more local schools on ClassCover is better for you?

It’s been proven that the ClassCover experience is enhanced for individual schools when more local schools are onboard. It provides schools in the area with a larger bank of teachers to choose from which improves booking outcomes for all.

How to refer a school?

Step 1. Identify your chosen school. Make sure they aren’t already using Classcover here.
Step 2. Complete the form below to notify us of the school you are referring.
Step 3 (optional). Contact the school you are referring. We’ve provided you with info and a templated email to use if you so wish. Make sure to let them know to mention your school’s name when bookling in for a 30 day free trial.


Notify our team about the school you are referring!

*This offer is not available to the following existing ClassCover partnerships- NSW Department of Education, Brisbane, Cairns and Townsville Catholic Education schools.

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Your toolkit

We’ve made it easy for you to pass on info about ClassCover to local schools. Use the below tools to help you get the word out there.

Terms and conditions

NSW Department of Education schools, Brisbane, Townsville and Cairns Catholic Education schools won’t be counted as a referral due to an already existing partnership.

The 10% off school discount will be applied only when the referred school goes through to a paid plan following a 30 day free trial.

There is no limit. 10 successful referrals in 12 months will give you a free year on ClassCover.