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Schools: Getting ready for 2021 on ClassCover

To kick off the 2021 school year, we have put together a handy guide to ensure that you are starting off Term 1 with everything in place; a healthy teacher list and all your colleagues across the ins and outs of the platform as well as an intro to some of the new tools and feature enhancements that have recently been added to ClassCover. 

Teacher list spring clean 

Starting off the year with a healthy teacher list is key to successful booking outcomes. As casual relief teaching is transient in nature, there may be some on your list that have secured full time work, contract / temp work or perhaps have even left the profession. 

Emailing teachers to see if they are onboard for 2021 

We have put together this quick video that will take you through how to mass email your teacher list to see if they are keen for casual work at your school this year. The guide also runs you through other general list management and growth tips such as star ratings, removing teachers and finding new teachers on Find Teachers.  

Good to know: We will be adding the ability for schools to email teachers from within the ClassCover app in a future release.  

Clean your list by last active date 

We have recently added a new feature enhancement which gives you visibility on how active the teachers on your list are and those you are looking to add. You can see this in My Teachers, Find Teachers and in job applications (via ClassCover Jobs).  

If you are seeing that a teacher on your list hasn’t been active on ClassCover for 3 or 6 months to a year, then you have a good case to remove them from your list.  

Refresh and grow your teacher list 

Once you have done a spring clean in My Teachers, now is a good time to grow and refresh your teacher list. It is recommended to have at least 20 responsive teachers on your list who you know are ready and willing to work. It’s not uncommon for schools in metro areas to have over 150 teachers ready to book. 

Get teachers to apply to be on your list with ClassCover Jobs (new) 

You can now post a call out for teachers to apply to be on your list via the new ClassCover Jobs feature.  

When selecting ‘Casual’ as a job type, you will be given the option to click to add teachers directly to your list if you are happy with their application. This option is only available when you select the ‘Casual’ job type and if you have selected to receive applicants via the ClassCover website. 

This can be used in replacement of, or alongside the ‘Find Teachers’ feature as just another way to build your casual relief teacher list on ClassCover. 

Explore our library of teachers near you on Find Teachers 

ClassCover provides schools with a library of local teachers to invite to join your schools booking list. This feature has gone through several enhancements over the past 6 months with more improvements to come soon.  

What’s new in Find Teachers? 

  • Teachers in Find Teachers are now ordered based off ‘last active’ time as a default, providing you with a list of teachers who are active and ready to be booked on ClassCover. You also have the ability to see just how active these teachers are by seeing the last active time in list view.  
  • More information about each teacher is available at a glance in list view on Find Teachers. This saves you from having to click on individual profiles to see the information you need. 

NSW Department of Education specific features 

  • NSW Department of education schools can filter ‘Approved to teach’ teachers only in the search and filter area. This feature is an integration with the NSW Department of Education. Learn more 
  • NSW Department of Education schools can also filter to see teachers approved by the NSW Department of Education to take part in the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program through the new filter added to the search and filter area. Learn more 

Staff list clean up and refresh 

The start of the school year is also a great time to clean up and refresh the users who have access to ClassCover.  

You can now delete staff members who no longer need access to your ClassCover account. Admin users can do this by going to the drop down on the web version and clicking on ‘Additional Users’ and clicking on the cog wheel to remove a user. 

You can also add new members and control who gets admin access to add teachers, post jobs and manage settings. 

Admin refresher training: Attend a quick webinar

Are you new to your admin access on ClassCover or have you been away from it for too long? ClassCover has added new features and enhancements over the past 6 months with more planned to be released soon.  

We want to make sure you are across all the tools available to you so you can get the most out of ClassCover Bookings and ClassCover Jobs in 2021. To get you up to speed, you’re invited to attend a quick 30 minute refresher training webinar for admin users on ClassCover so you are set up for success in 2021 and beyond. 


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