Hear from our schools across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

ClassCover’s SMS feature has completely changed my morning routine. No more calling teacher after teacher to secure a booking. I simply select my preferred queue of teachers and then the system sends me an immediate SMS confirming who has been booked. I arrive at school with an email listing all my replacements for the day. Life has never been simpler!
— Ian Tapuska, Deputy Principal, Liverpool PS, NSW, Aus

ClassCover saves our school hours every week. Booking relief teachers could not be any easier and the payroll summary allows for quick processing through Novapay. The feedback we have supplied has been taken on board and added which is great!
— Trish Howe, Principal, Burnham School New Zealand
ClassCover has made booking relief teachers so much easier, saving me huge amounts of time! I maintain control over who I book and can now see exactly who is available to either call or automatically SMS in my prioritised order. I then receive an SMS confirming exactly who has been booked. Simple!
— Maurice Giles, Deputy Principal Leda PS, WA, Aus

The outcomes from using ClassCover at schools across the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office have been outstanding. The provision is simple, user friendly and ICT based, enabling them to forward plan their relief engagements as well as catering for emergency relief at the touch of a button.

We highly recommend ClassCover and their willingness to make site-specific adjustments for the needs of our schools and colleges.”
— Sean Gill, Tasmanian Catholic Education Office, Aus

As a principal, I have been very pleased with the use of ClassCover for our school. It is so convenient to have my current list of casuals available online at any time. I particularly like the fact that it is so easy to use via the app as well. ClassCover has been readily available to support myself and the staff, and willingly take on suggestions to improve the service. Well done, ClassCover!
— Erika Southam, Principal, North Ryde PS, NSW Aus
Recently I had to book around 10 teachers for Grade Planning for 2 hours. Before ClassCover this exercise would have taken me over a couple of days. This took me an afternoon. I think ClassCover is a very valuable tool for booking casuals saves untold phone calls/hours to casuals who are no longer available and haven’t notified the school or are booked with other schools.
— Leonie Andrews, Admin Officer, Avalon PS NSW, Aus

I find ClassCover invaluable, especially on busy days. The calendar and the ability to SMS teachers automatically is a real time saver. We are now also using ClassCover to assist with our Payroll system. All in all, a great system.
— Sandy Holmes, Daily Operations Secretary, Australian International School Singapore

ClassCover has made booking my relief teachers simple, saving me time. From the app I can just prioritise my chosen queue of teachers to cover a class and then I receive an SMS once they have been booked. It so easy and means everything is automatically recorded for my payroll person as well.” So far the longest it has taken to book a reliever is 3 minutes, it has taken the stress out of the process, and the relievers who we use have found it easy to switch over to this system. I am well impressed in how it has also has weekly personal follow up from class cover to see how we are getting on with the change over.
— Scott Wilson, Principal, Puahue School New Zealand
Carlton PS is a large P1 primary school in Sydney Region with over seventy teaching staff. Managing casuals for all types of leave, additional TPL or other release reasons can be a complex task. Along with many other aspects of school administration we were looking for an online solution that was easy, reliable, transparent to all users and one that supported all aspects of the casual process including bookings, notifications, monitoring and links to finance & school planning. After trialling ClassCover (free of charge) in 2012 we were quickly convinced that it met all the above requirements. We have formed a strong relationship with ClassCover whose initial training and continuing back up have been first rate. It has proved to be an excellent solution!
— Stephen Cooper, Principal, Carlton Primary School

Thanks for your wonderful program. The ability to know exactly who is available and then booked them via SMS saves me hours of time and phones calls each day, .
— Leanda Earsman, Parkes PS, NSW Aus

I have just used ClassCover for the first time to book a casual – fantastic! I knew who was available, had all their details at hand and was able to print out a summary for the SAM. At last, no more ringing through phone lists looking for someone who isn’t already booked for the day.
— David Roffe, Caringbah North Public School
We have found ClassCover easy to use and it saves so much time when finding relief teachers. It usually means just one phone call rather than many. The booking system is very intuitive and the ClassCover support is fantastic. We are very happy to have found an option that is easy, cost-effective and reliable.
— Ange Mietzis, Principal, Moonah Primary School

I was introduced to ClassCover by Ben Grozier in 2012. After an online training and introduction session I agreed to trial the program to assist me in the organization of casual relief at my school. This tool proved invaluable and I had no hesitation in recommending it to colleagues in other schools. Two of these schools will soon trial this program. I also recommended to the facilitator of the HT Administration network meetings that Ben should be invited to this meeting to present Class Cover to those in attendance.
— Matthew Godsell, HT Admin, Callaghan College Wallsend

As a small school, Bobs Farm Public have just started using Class Cover this year to book casual teachers. We find it very useful as we can see immediately who is available for particular days of the week and we do not have to waste time ringing different casual teachers on the phone to then find out they are not available.
— Megan Elliott, Principal & Federation Rep, Bob’s Farm Public School
I am doing the bookings for casuals this term as Bruce is currently on leave. Things are going really well. I love the ease at which this role can be performed due to ClassCover. I had a small issue a few weeks ago and being able to make instant contact with your staff was really helpful.
— Donna Abraham, AP, Cundletown Public School

What a benefit ClassCover has been during that panic time in the morning. It has proved very efficient in trying to track down that elusive casual at short notice – the fact that you don’t have to ring everyone on your old list only to be told ‘sorry, I am already booked’, is such a time saver. Our teacher’s love that they can access our list from home and see who is available and then book them directly. The new payroll feature means we don’t have to keep manual records of all casual days. Our admin ladies just click a button to get a report on all bookings, which makes them very happy! Thanks for the initiative ClassCover.
— Debbie Austin, Narrabeen North PS, NSW
ClassCover has made my life so much easier, I now only call one teacher instead of 10 or more to find a casual to work. Booking in advance or short term bookings are one phone call away and a click of a button. The most amazing part of using ClassCover is that i am able to upload work from a teacher to a casual and enter our terms activities on the school calendar for a casual teacher to view, so they know what is happening within the school on the day they are required to work. I would highly recommend ClassCover to all schools.
— Denise Kitchener, School Admin, Beacon Hill Primary School

ClassCover saved me heaps of time as I can now see exactly who is available and when, not call down a list hoping to find someone. I got a casual for Wednesday with just one phone call which was amazing given the amount of sickness around! Love it!
— Lisa McKenzie, Assistant Principal, Harbord PS, NSW Aus
ClassCover is a great timesaver. The number of wasted calls made to find casuals has been greatly reduced, totally changing my morning! Also there’s no more guessing why someone is away, it’s all there for us to see.
— Cathy Barker, Admin Assistant, Epping Heights PS, NSW Aus

We used to fight over who was doing the casuals because no one wanted to do them. Now I just volunteer for the whole year because it is so easy with ClassCover.
— Heather Thompson, Dubbo Public School