Help with bookings, finding teachers and teacher management .

Tip 1: Make sure you have enough teachers on your list

To improve successful booking outcomes, aim to have 15 or more relief teachers attached to your school profile. If your regular ‘go to’ teachers are unavailable, you can access your other pool of relief teachers.

You can increase the number of teachers you have on your list via Find New Teachers or you can choose to post on our jobs board so that teachers can apply to be on your list.  

Add your existing relief teachers to your school profile.

To start booking relief teachers right away make sure you add your existing pool of teachers via Manage Teachers > Add Teachers. Here you can enter their email and or mobile number to add them to your school list, and if they don't have an account already, it will invite them to create a profile if they don't already have one.  

Tip 2: Give relief teachers enough time to respond

When using the ‘one at a time in my chosen order’ booking option (recommended), keep the booking window open for at least 1 hour (default is 30 mins). This will give your relief teachers more time to respond and will improve successful booking rate. (see example here)

Tip 3: Be mindful of the time you are sending out your request

Try not to send a request during teaching hours as your recipients are most likely working.  

Tip 4: Include all the information a teacher will need to know in your request set up 

It’s a good idea to include the year group covered so teachers can be better prepared which will result in a better response rate.

Tip 5: Are your teachers operating the app as you would expect? 

This includes updating their availability, responding to requests and having all of their important information up to date and on their profile. If they are then that’s great! 

If not, it's a good idea to get some communication out to your list so they are aware of what you need them to do. We regularly communicate to teachers on this matter, however coming from your school will have more of an impact. We have already written you a letter for you to send out to your list which can be downloaded here