Callaghan College Wallsend Campus uses ClassCover to streamline the management of their casual teachers and all non-permanent teaching staff



Callaghan College Wallsend Campus have been using ClassCover to book and administer their casual teachers for four years, making them one of the earliest adopters of the technology in the Hunter and Central Coast regions of NSW where an additional 150 schools are also benefiting from the system. 

Matthew Godsell, the college’s casual relief teacher administrator, recalls the painstaking task of booking and managing casual teachers prior to using ClassCover and subsequently how utilising this streamlining tool is keeping Callaghan College at the cutting edge of education technology.


The Callaghan College Wallsend Campus Story

Callaghan College Wallsend Campus, a specialist school for students from Year 7 through to 10, is located in the western suburbs of Newcastle. Since embracing the ClassCover platform in 2013, Godsell has “never looked back". He also highlighted "I certainly don’t miss arriving at school at 7am with the laborious task of making endless phone calls in the hope of finding a casual at the last minute”.  

With ClassCover, we are now able to instantaneously view which teachers are available and then make a booking in seconds via the app, without the wasted phone calls.

The payroll feature means we don’t have to keep manual records of all casual days, making the payroll and record keeping process a breeze

So how are things done differently now? 

“With ClassCover, we are now able to instantaneously view which teachers are available and then make a booking in seconds via the app, without the wasted phone calls. We can also search ClassCover’s extensive database of newly available casuals in the local area and with the tool’s simplicity, I am able to book a teacher via the smartphone app from anywhere at anytime.” 

Other departments at the school are also benefiting as “the payroll feature means we don't have to keep manual records of all casual days. Our admin team just clicks a button to get a report on all bookings, making the payroll and record keeping process a breeze, compared to having to manually fill out day sheets”. 

ClassCover also enables users to log Long Service Leave and other additional absence reasons, giving schools a full picture of who is covering which classes outside of their regular timetable schedule. 

Since joining with ClassCover, the college has made 8,564 casual relief teacher bookings. It is estimated that 2,141 hours of staff administration time has been saved over a four year period by using the platform, enabling school administrators to spend an average of 13 hours per week on other responsibilities.   

Callaghan College Teacher Growth.png

Regular use of ClassCover from Callaghan College Wallsend Campus and other surrounding schools has contributed to the fact that casual relief teacher numbers on ClassCover has grown exponentially in the area by 219% over the last four years. This makes our Find New Teachers feature on the app highly effective for schools in the area to take advantage of. 

When asked if Matthew would be likely to recommend ClassCover to other schools, a resounding “Yes!” was his answer. “ClassCover will greatly improve your school’s current systems and introduce you to a wealth of new casuals. We have never looked back since!” 


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