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Last year, Tasmanian schools booked over 10,000 relief teacher days collectively through the ClassCover app. ClassCover has a growing number of schools and relief teachers using the app everyday.

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What is ClassCover?

The ClassCover app connects schools with their chosen relief teachers in seconds, saving schools hours each day and connecting teachers to a wealth of new employment opportunities.

With ClassCover, schools can book you in a few simple clicks via the app and view your availability at a glance so you will no longer get requests for when you are unavailable.

You also have the choice to be found by other schools on ClassCover, giving you the opportunity to grow your network and obtain more work.

Expand your job opportunites

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“ClassCover for relief teachers is fast and easy. I love that I can quickly update my availability so I’m only called on days that I am available.”
Jo Dorrington, Relief Teacher