Positive Behaviour Management Strategies

In this course you will learn

  • Sensible advice and guidance
  • Practical and functional tips
  • Behaviour management strategies for all ages


Hilary Nunns explores the many aspects of behaviour management in addition to what triggers students, calms students and assist teachers in reading and addressing the fluctuating atmosphere of the classroom environment.

Join Hilary as she walks you through strategies and tips on how to prepare your class to be one where good behaviour flourishes and flash points are addressed preemptively and quickly.

What’s covered?

* Our own behaviour and how it impacts on others.

* Verbal and non-verbal strategies to appear more assertive without being aggressive.

* Ways to encourage students to make good choices.

Work with fellow educators to share your strategies and experience with behaviour management issues for the benefit of the entire class.

Addressed Standards

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 4.1 and 4.3

This course contributes to 2 professional development hours.

Target Audience

Relief Teachers