Creating a highly effective relief teacher bag of tricks

This course shows you how to

  • Create a populate an effective and resourceful Bag of Tricks
  • Use your Bag of Tricks to support your career as well as your classroom teaching
  • Create relief teacher specific lesson plans for your Bag of Tricks that oversome many of the challenges that many relief teachers face


In Mel’s third course for the Relief Teacher Association, this one sees her taking us on a tour of our relief teaching “Bag of Tricks”.  We’ll be taken step by step through some Bag of Tricks basics as well as look at populating it in an engaging way; up to and including creating engaging lessons that we can use time and time again in multiple classrooms with resounding success. 

Never fear absent lesson plans again!

Join in with Mel as she explores concepts and practicalities that will have you getting more out of your Bag of Tricks than ever before.

Participant Feedback:

“So many practical and yet so many creative ideas. Mel I love your enthusiasm and zest. Thank you for a great course. You will have me looking at picture books etc in a different way now in searching for all avenues to teach one-book lesson plans. Thank you.”

“This was one of the most practical and useful PDs ever! It was great to get so many fantastic ideas that I could actually use the in classroom straight away! Thank you so much :D”

“The most important points that I got were that it is easy to get lessons together that take most of the day with few props and resources, but a bit of thought, and that the theme of  one lesson can easily lead into other lessons.  The course was very engaging. Mel’s enthusiasm and wisdom were inspiring.”

“If CRTs do only one course this is the course they should do. I have been teaching for 38 years the last 6 as a CRT. I was able to take away so much from this course. Mel is a great presenter. Well done”

“This course has helped me visualise exactly how to organise myself in order to be the most effecive relief teacher possible.  As a graduate teacher it has also given me a great foundation for starting in my own classroom next year.  The presentations and ideas were fantastic and being able to link into the brain trust of the wider community was invaluable. Many Thanks.”

Addressed Standards

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 3.4, 3.2 and 4.1

This course contributes to 2 professional development hours.

Target Audience

Relief Teachers