Bringing Aboriginal Perspectives in the Australian Classroom

Course outcomes

  • Learn Aboriginal history – Pre Invasion and Post Invasion
  • Learn why it is important to include Aboriginal perspectives
  • Learn how to be a good ally + more
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Join Tricia Wallace (Webb) and Leanne King from Wingaru Education as they share their expertise and explore how Aboriginal education fits into the Australian classroom.

Topics include:

  • Aboriginal history: Pre Invasion and Post Invasion
  • Why it is important to include Aboriginal perspectives
  • Aboriginal students and their families
  • Being a good Ally


Addressed Standards

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 1.4 and 2.4 

This course contributes to 2.5 professional development hours.

Target Audience

Relief teachers, full time classroom teachers and school executives

Join Lesley Woodhouse from Wingaru Education for her talk ‘Making Aboriginal perspectives more accessible’ where she will cover;

  • Connecting with content 
  • Protocol for best practice 
  • Overcoming tokenism  
  • Tips on what to teach and how to fit it in