Behaviour management with a high school focus

In this course you will

  • Get secondary school specific behaviour management tips
  • Learn how to build rapport as quickly as possible
  • Be guided on how to be proactive in encouraging good behaviour


Managing student behaviour in secondary schools is a challenge for all relief teachers at times. Student behaviour is the determining factor of learning success and sometimes your teacher sanity.

Misbehaviour is a toxic element in the classroom and with the potential for you teaching over a hundred children that you have no rapport with in the course of a day specific strategies are instrumental in ensuring you and the students have a positive day.

This course will give you a repertoire of behaviour management strategies to call upon tailor made to the secondary school relief teaching classroom.

At the end of this course, Behaviour Management for Relief Teachers, you will have better options, more effective strategies and more competent skills to handle difficult situations.

Addressed Standards

Australian Professional Teacher Standards: 4.4 & 4.2

This course contributes to 2 professional development hours.

Target Audience

Relief Teachers